Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

VPA 210 Body Mapping: What Every Performer Needs to Know About the Body 2

Introduces the concept of body mapping (our mental representations of structure, function, and size) and provides a weekly laboratory for "updating" these maps during practical activity and experimental movement.

Prerequisites: Freshman, sophomore, or junior standing.

VPA 320 Musicianship for Musical Theatre 3

Development of musicianship skills to be used specifically for the Musical theatre genre.

VPA 323 The Arts as Human Experience 3

An examination of the meaning of the arts experience, including its historical and personal significance. Includes reading and related work in art, dance, drama, and music.

Notes: Same as ART 323, DCE 323.

VPA 324 The Arts as Social Change: Theory and Practice 3

Students will examine the ways in which the arts create social change in our institutions and communities through an exploration of theory and case studies, and an engagement in practice.

VPA 330 Dance for Musical Theatre 3

For students interested in developing dance skills to be used specifically for the musical theatre genre, including tap, ballet, jazz and contemporary. Various pieces of choreography will be set in class.

VPA 338 Exploring Performing Arts Cultures 1-3

Course is used for Music, Theatre and Dance study trips. Offered only when a course accompanies a specific trip.

Prerequisites: Determined by needs of specific trip.

Notes: Grade: Pass/Not Pass (P/NP).

VPA 340 Workshop in Musical Theatre 3

An exploration of musical theatre in a studio workshop setting.

Prerequisites: By audition only.

Notes: May be repeated when topic varies for a total of 9 s.h.

VPA 350 Musical Theatre Audition Technique I 1

For undergraduate students interested in developing their musical-theatre audition skills.

VPA 351 Musical Theatre Audition Technique II 1

For undergraduate students interested in the continued and advanced development of their musical-theatre audition skills.

Prerequisites: VPA 350 or permission of instructor .

VPA 360 Introduction to Community Arts 3

This course introduces students to the history and theory of community arts, frameworks for building collaborative relationships and shared leadership in community, and current community arts projects around the world.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Sophomores or above in any of the following College of Visual and Performing Arts Majors: Art, BA. Studio Art, BFA; Art Education, BFA, LIC.; Arts Administration, BA; Dance Studies, BA, LIC.; Dance Performance and Choreography, BFA, LIC.; Drama, BA, BFA, LIC.; Music, BA; Music Performance, BM; Music Education, BM, LIC.

VPA 361 Community Arts Methods 3

This course explores a range of community arts methods including community research and relationship building, project development and logistical planning, social practice methods, developmentally appropriate teaching strategies, and curriculum development.

Prerequisites: VPA 360.

VPA 364 Community Arts Intensive 6

In 10 full-day workshops students will develop a tool-kit of specific project implementation strategies and evaluation methods as they pilot, troubleshoot, and refine their proposed community arts projects.

Prerequisites: VPA 361.

VPA 369 Community Arts Internship 3

During this course, students will implement a previously planned community arts project with an established community partner, under supervision of UNCG faculty.

Prerequisites: VPA 364.

VPA 402 Entrepreneurship in the Performing Arts 3

Focus on entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and career development in the performing arts.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Same as ENT 402, MUP 402.

VPA 528 Research Methods in Social Practice 3

This interdisciplinary course explores research methods in Social Practice, an art form that employs diverse strategies for participatory and experiential art within a range of contexts, spaces and media.

Notes: May be repeated twice for credit.

VPA 555 The Alexander Technique for Performers 3

An active and scholarly exploration of the Alexander Technique to unlock creativity, discover freedom and ease in performance, reduce stress and tension throughout the body, and prevent performance-related injuries.

Prerequisites: Junior, senior, or graduate standing.

VPA 589 Experimental Course: Mindfulness for Artists 3

This class is an interdisciplinary exploration into the theory and practice of mindfulness to aid the creative development of advanced artists.

Prerequisites: Junior level standing or graduate level standing.

VPA 638 Exploring Performing Arts Cultures 1-3

Music study trips. Offered only in conjunction with a specific trip.

Prerequisites: To be determined by needs of specific trip.