Arts Administration (AAD)

AAD 202 Arts Admin and Entrepreneurship 3

Introduces foundational skills for successful management, launching and growth of arts organizations. Topics include strategy, organizational structure, new venture launch, entrepreneurship, market analysis, marketing, fundraising and audience engagement.

Notes: Same as ENT 202.

AAD 301 Arts Management 3

Introduction to arts management for nonprofit arts organizations and arts businesses. Topics include strategy, management and leadership principles, marketing, fundraising, and financial management.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202.

AAD 310 Managing and Leading in the Arts 3

Students will learn about their own work style and best practices of leading and managing people and teams in the specific context of arts and creative organizations.

Prerequisites: AAD/ENT 202 Arts Administration or permission of instructor.

AAD 320 Arts Marketing 3

Marketing, sales and public relations strategy, planning and tactics for arts organizations and businesses.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202 or permission of instructor.

AAD 321 Fundraising in the Arts 3

Fundraising strategy, planning and tactics for arts organizations including grant research and writing, solicitation and donor retention tactics.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202 or permission of instructor.

AAD 380 Introduction to Art Museum Studies 3

Introduces the functions of key art museum departments (Administration, Curatorial, Registration, Preparation/Installation, Education, Marketing, and Visitor Services/Security) and examines how they intersect to develop exhibitions, engage visitors, and build audiences.

Prerequisites: AAD 202 or ENT 202.

Notes: Same as ARH 380.

AAD 381 Intro to Art Museum Collections 3

For students interested in working in art museums. Topics include collection care, development, and utilization as well as museum organizational structures. Assignments include readings, discussions, lectures, and field trips.

Prerequisites: AAD 380/ARH 380.

Notes: Same as ARH 381.

AAD 450 Careers in Arts Administration 2

Career paths and career planning for students entering the arts administration field.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202 and AAD 301. Arts Administration majors or minors only or permission of instructor.

AAD 455 Arts and Entrepreneurship: Career Strategies for Artists 3

Overview of professional performing arts career management tools. Students learn the basics of applying entrepreneurship skills and strategies to starting and sustaining an arts-related business.

Prerequisites: ARAD, DANC, DRAM, MEDU, MUSI, or PRFM major. or permission of instructor;

Notes: Same as DCE 455, ENT 455.

AAD 475 Independent Study 1-3

Independent directed study or research in arts administration with faculty supervision in area of special interest.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202 and AAD 301. Arts Administration major or minor AND permission of instructor.

AAD 478 Variable Topics in Arts Administration 1-3

Advanced level arts administration course with a topical focus.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202.

Notes: May be repeated for up to 12 credits total.

AAD 493 Honors Work 3-6

Independent study course as required for Disciplinary Honors in Arts Administration. Student will complete Senior Honors Project.

Prerequisites: AAD 202/ENT 202 and AAD 301. Junior or senior Arts Administration major; Permission of instructor; Permission of Honors College; 3.30 GPA in the major; 12 s.h. completed in the major;

Notes: May be repeated for up to 6 credit hours.

AAD 498 Internship in Arts Administration and Entrepreneurship 3

Supervised work experience pre-approved that requires regularly scheduled hours in an entrepreneurial arts organization. The course meets online throughout the semester and requires reading, writing, and oral communication assignments.

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor.

Notes: Same as ENT 498.