Health and Human Sciences (HHS)

HHS 110 Bridging Differences through Community Relationships: Health and Human Sciences 1

Expanding experience of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, and/or other identities through developing relationships in community settings related to health and human sciences.

Notes: Open to all undergraduates. Grade: Pass/Not Pass (P/NP).

HHS 120 College, Career & Life (Part I) 3

Preparing students for the realities of college, career and life. Topics include current events, financial literacy, personal branding, life design, multiculturalism, and identity development.

Prerequisites: First-year college students and Middle College students and written permission.

HHS 125 Design Your Life I: What Could I Do With My Life? 1

Develop essential knowledge and skills to enhance personal and academic success, with emphasis on self-awareness, self-management, interdependence, and self-responsibility.

Notes: May be repeated once for a total of 2 s.h.

HHS 126 EC:Vision/Purpose in Action 1

Students are engaged in purpose and vision exploration, create weekly "projects" based on life purpose and goals/dreams, develop a plan for future, and participate in service activities and/or leadership challenge.

HHS 130 ExpCrs: Meditation for Life 1

Teaches skills to incorporate various meditations (breathing, walking, emotions, lovingkindness) as a part of daily life.

HHS 131 College, Career & Life (Part II) 3

Prepares students for the realities of college, career and life. Topics: personal and academic success; higher education decision-making; reliance on self and establishing routes from college to career.

Prerequisites: First-year college students and Middle College students and written permission.

HHS 135 Design Your Life II: Redesign a Life You'll Love 1

Students identify meaningful learning opportunities based on purpose, mission, dreams, and vision; create specific projects to move toward a desired state; and then engage in coaching techniques to accomplish projects.

Notes: May be repeated once for credit.

HHS 140 College, Career & Life (Part III) 3

Prepare students for the realities of college, career and life - with emphasis on career focused goal-setting. Topics: fiscal responsibilities & solutions; career goal planning; meaningful work.

Prerequisites: First-year college students and Middle College students and written permission.

HHS 250 Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship 3

Students will engage in exercises to understand their purpose, develop a plan to create self-employed, meaningful work, and learn strategies to stay connected to the self and the world.

Notes: May be repeated once for credit. Business project must be different than project completed the first time taking the course; Same as ENT 250.

HHS 275 Entrepreneurial Personal Branding 3

Students will have a better understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, how to use entrepreneurship strategies personally, and how to best brand and uniquely market themselves.

Notes: Same as ENT 275.

HHS 589 Experimental Course: Exploring Intersections of Latino Individual, Family, and Community Life 6

This course is an in-depth study of Latino culture in Costa Rica. Students will examine the psychosocial intersections of how individuals, families, and communities experience economic, political, and gendered lives.

HHS 589A EC:Prtcptry Rsrch in Ireland 3

This course will provide an understanding of theories, principles, and strategies of community-based participatory research (CBPR) specifically within physical activity and health settings in global contexts.

HHS 589C Experimental Course: Refugee Experiences, Protection, and Well-Being in Global Contexts 6

For this course, international travel led by qualified faculty is organized to different world regions for interdisciplinary and inter-professional study of refugee experiences, protection, challenges, and wellbeing.

Prerequisites: Open to rising Juniors and Seniors. post-baccalaureate students; Students/professionals with graduate level standing.

HHS 589D Experimental Course: Sikkim: Buddhism, Peace, and Postcolonial Paradox 6

This course focuses on Sikkim's history and present political status as a state of India. Traveling internationally student's will examine the political economy and postcolonial paradoxes of the region.

HHS 625 Research Methods in the Health and Human Sciences 3

Research methods and designs for the study of families and individuals across the lifespan. Focus is on application of method to research in the health and human sciences.

HHS 630 Survey Design: Health and Human Sciences 3

Survey design and implementation applied to problems in health and human sciences. Topics: maximizing response rates; selecting/writing/evaluating questions for different populations; reliability; validity; layout; modes of survey administration.

HHS 650 Applied Multiple Regression 4

Applied instruction on the theoretical underpinnings and assumptions of multiple regression analysis and the valid implementation of this statistical model in testing of meaningful and nuanced research questions and hypotheses.

Prerequisites: ERM 680, STA 571, PSY 609, or permission of instructor.

HHS 654 Ethics Practce,Teachng/Resrch 3

In-depth coverage of contemporary ethical issues facing practitioners, teachers, and researchers in health and human science fields. Focus on providing the tools necessary for addressing situations requiring ethical decision-making.

Notes: Open to master's and doctoral level students and with permission of instructor.

HHS 702 Professional Grant Writing for Community Organizations 3

Theoretical and applied avenues to learning Professional Grant Writing for Health and Human Service Organizations in the Community.

Prerequisites: Enrolled graduate students in the School of HHS, or permission of instructor.

Notes: Same as HEA 702.

HHS 703 Teaching Undergraduates in Health and Human Services 3

Analysis and application of innovative approaches to undergraduate course design, teaching, and evaluation in Health and Human Sciences.

HHS 711A ExpCrs: Multiple Regression 4

This course provides both conceptual and hands on experience in the use of multiple regression in behavior research.

HHS 711B EC:Fndtns in Intergroup Rltns 3

Foundations in intergroup relations focused on core concepts, intergroup dialogue (participation and facilitation), and skills needed to address social justic, and diversity, inclusion, and equity in leadership and professional capacities.

HHS 745 Cluster and Mixture Modeling 3

Theoretical underpinnings and assumptions in the application of finite mixture modeling in the study of health behavior, formulation of research questions, and strategies for reporting of results.

Prerequisites: HHS 650 or NUR 702 or ERM 681 or permission of instructor.

HHS 746 Applied Longitudinal Analysis 3

Theoretical underpinnings and assumptions of statistical techniques for the analyses of data from longitudinal designs, formulation of research questions, and strategies for reporting of results.

Prerequisites: HHS 650 or NUR 702 or ERM 681 or permission of instructor.

HHS 750 Professional Development Seminar 3

Preparation for academic careers, including expectations for promotion and tenure; effective writing techniques for publishing in academic journals; and planning for the academic job market, job applications, and campus interviews.

HHS 776 Higher Education Administration and Leadership in Health and Human Sciences 3

Addresses the major areas of responsibilities of a variety of academic administrative roles within a university, from program director and department char/head to provost, from the base of HHS.

Prerequisites: Students must have an administrative mentor who agrees to participate in the practicum section of this course.

Notes: Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U).

HHS 797 Directed Studies in HHS: Writing NRSA Fellowship Grants 1-3

In collaboration with faculty sponsor, write an individualized, mentored training plan to support pre-doctoral (F31) or post-doctoral (F32) research and career development. Regular meetings with the faculty sponsor are required.

Prerequisites: permission from graduate faculty sponsor who will supervise and evaluate the directed studies activities.