Gerontology (GRO)

GRO 201 Envisioning Your Old Age 3

Students think critically about aging in the current US context and develop proposals for change to ensure their ideal old age will be possible. Required for minor in Gerontology.

GRO 511 Silver Industries 3

Overview of the longevity economy and its influences on entrepreneurial opportunities. Case illustrations highlighted. Using the entrepreneurial business model, students explore opportunities, risks, and rewards in the silver industries market.

Notes: Same as ENT 511.

GRO 589 Experimental Course: The Grateful Dead Legacy 3

Examines the fans of the Grateful Dead as a baby boomer lifestyle community, their music and legacy, including their impact on business, art, technology, etc., and their fans.

GRO 602 Seminar: Critical Issues of Aging 3

Intensive review and analysis of the literature and research on issues and unresolved problems of aging. Offered both face-to-face and online.

GRO 610 Life Planning for the Third Age 3

Integrative approach to explore how trends in finances, relationships, health, self-development, housing and work/leisure time interact to impact quality of life and options available to aging adults.

GRO 611C Wrkfrce/HumRes Pol - Aging Soc 1.5

Examines the impact of aging societies on workforce issues and the need for government and employer policies and programs.

GRO 620 Research Methods in Gerontology 3

The integration and application of qualitative and quantitative research designs and methods used in gerontology. Additional attention focuses on the formulation and writing of a research proposal.

Prerequisites: GRO 501 and permission of instructor.

GRO 621 Health and Aging 3

Examines aspects of health and aging from an integration of biomedical and psychosocial perspectives. Foundations for the professional practice of gerontology.

GRO 622 Financing Longevity: Topics in Insurance 3

Overview of concepts and products of insurance related to financing longevity in the United States. Topics include Medicare, Medicaid, long term care insurance and related products.

GRO 631 Planning and Evaluation for Professionals in Aging 3

Introduction to the knowledge and skills related to planning and evaluating innovative responses to the aging of society using program theory as a foundation.

GRO 634 Diversity, Inclusion, and Aging 3

An examination of issues related to diversity among older adults. Focus will be on the interaction of class, gender, race/ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and historical period with the aging process.

GRO 649 Gerontology Internship or Research Experience I 3

First internship or research experience for graduate students in gerontology. 140 to 160 hours in a program approved site developed from among nonprofit, governmental, or business settings.

Prerequisites: GRO 501 and permission of instructor.

Notes: Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U).

GRO 651 Theoretical Foundations of Aging 3

Integration of current literature and theoretical applications in gerontology focusing on specific area(s) of student's specialty and practicum experiences. Additional emphasis on professional writing, presentations, networks, and extramural funding.

GRO 676 Special Topics in Gerontology 1,3

Study of a special topic in gerontology.

Notes: May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

GRO 677 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Healthy Aging 3

Examination of entrepreneurship opportunities related to the aging population, with specific attention to products and services that extend the healthy lifespan. Includes development of Business Opportunity Analysis.

Notes: Same as ENT 677, KIN 677.

GRO 679 Gerontology Internship or Research Experience II 3

Supervised experience as a participant/observer in structured setting with older adults in order to link theory and practice and increase professional expertise or supervised research in gerontological topic.

Prerequisites: Admission to the MS in Gerontology. completion of at least two-thirds of coursework including GRO 602, GRO 620, GRO 621, GRO 651, and SWK 570; and permission of instructor.

GRO 695 Independent Study 1-3

Intensive study in an area of special interest in gerontology.

Notes: May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours credit.

GRO 699 Thesis 1-6

Individual guidance in the development of a specific research problem. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit. (Graded on S-U basis)

GRO 711 Experimental Course 3

This number reserved for experimental courses. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings.

GRO 801 Thesis Extension 1-3

Thesis Extension.

GRO 803 Grad Resrch Proj Ext 1-3

Research Extension.