Information Science (IST)

IST 200X Experimental Course 1-6

This number reserved for experimental courses. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings.

IST 201 Introduction to Information Science 3

Introduces the major concepts, principles, theories, issues and trends in information science.

Prerequisites: LIS 200. IST Majors.

IST 300 Human Information Behavior 3

Introduction to foundational and core concepts of human information behavior, including models of information seeking behavior, information needs and use, user-centered design, and human computer interaction.

Prerequisites: LIS 200. IST Majors.

IST 300X Experimental Course 1-6

This number reserved for experimental courses. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings.

IST 301 Information Organization 3

This course presents the ideas, advantages, and challenges of information organization and creating and ensuring access to information in the 21st century.

Prerequisites: LIS 200. IST Majors.

IST 304 Project Management in Information Organizations 3

An introduction to modern methods for defining, planning, managing, and controlling substantial projects in information organizations. Computer technology is used to support the efficient management of interdependent activities.

Prerequisites: LIS 200. IST Majors.

IST 400X Experimental Course 1-6

This number reserved for experimental courses. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings.

IST 423 Information Storage and Retrieval 3

Examines theories and practical models in system-centered Information Management Systems (IMS). Introduces IMS design, Information retrieval, database systems, storage and manipulation of text, multimedia information and data, and web search engines.

Prerequisites: CSC 120 and IST 301. IST Majors.

IST 436 Website Production and Usability For Information Professionals 3

An overview of a modern web site development for aspiring information professionals with a focus on principals of usable design, and practice using HTML, CSS, and Java to build usable websites.

Prerequisites: CSC 120 and IST 201, or permission of instructor.

IST 466 Information Ethics and Policy 3

Covers the ethical, legal, and policy foundations of contemporary information technology and information services.

Prerequisites: IST 201. LIS 200; IST Majors.

IST 468 Community Informatics 3

A survey of key concepts in the field of Community Informatics, which focuses on how communities access, learn, and apply information and communications technologies (ICTs). Practical studies in this area consider how social, cultural, political, and economic factors influence the adoption and use of ICTs among members of specific communities. This course introduces students to key concerns in community informatics, including, among other things, digital literacy, digital divide issues (e.g, access, skills, and cultural divides), the role of ICTs in cultural heritage, and community development using ICTs. Learning experiences in this course will employ literature-based discussion and experiential learning at case sites using relevant ICTs, including public libraries.

Prerequisites: LIS 200.

IST 472 Instructional Design 3

Examination of the systems approach to instructional design (ID), which is the process for determining what to teach and how to teach it. Focuses on gaining hands-on experience in instruction and learning. Primary emphasis on developing evidence-based training that is functional, efficient, and appealing to meet the needs of their clients and other stakeholders.

Prerequisites: LIS 200.

IST 488 Special Topics in Information Science 3

Covers emerging technologies, new trends and issues, and other current developments in the field of information science.

Prerequisites: LIS 200. IST Majors Only;

Notes: May be repeated up to three times for credit when topic varies.

IST 490 Independent Study 1-4

Guided readings, research, and individual project work under direction of faculty.

Prerequisites: IST majors and permission of the instructor.

IST 491 Practicum in Information Science 3

Provides a supervised work experience for students in information science.

Prerequisites: CSC 120, ERM 410, IST 201, IST 300, IST 301, IST 304, IST 423, IST 466, LIS 200. IST majors;

Notes: Graded on S/U basis only.

IST 498 Capstone in Information Science 3

A culminating experience for information science majors, which requires a field-based project and the development of a graduation portfolio.

Prerequisites: Completion of all other degree requirements and permission of instructor.