Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)

WGS 150 Gender, Race, and Sexuality 3

Students will address the complex historical and contemporary relationships among gender, race, and sexuality as important and interdependent aspects of social life.

GE Core: GRD

WGS 250 An Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 3

An interdisciplinary introduction to the study of gender through images, roles, and status in U.S. history and culture. Special attention given to developing critical frameworks for understanding gender in society.

GE Core: GSB

WGS 270 Introduction to LGBTQI Studies 3

An introduction to the academic study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex histories, experiences, and cultures.

WGS 310 Christianity and the Construction of Gender 3

Study of the role of categories of male and female in the creation and maintenance of Christian notions of holiness, authority, and hierarchy in historical perspective.

Notes: Same as REL 310.

WGS 311 Gender and Violence 3

An exploration of gender-based violence in contemporary culture and social life. Topics discussed may include assault, stalking, intimate partner violence, and media portraits of gender violence.

Notes: Students cannot receive credit for both WGS 311 and SOC 419 or WGS 419.

WGS 312 Judaism and the Construction of Gender 3

Jewish understandings of gender from ancient to modern times, with focus on law and tradition, roles in the Jewish community, family, sexuality, and Jewish theology.

Notes: Same as REL 312.

WGS 329 Sociological Perspectives on Gender 3

Inquiry into status of women in society with emphasis on socialization, structural and institutional relationships, and continuities and discontinuities in women's roles across the life cycle.

Notes: Same as SOC 329.

WGS 333 Postcolonial and Transnational Feminisms 3

Examines histories of, and critical feminist responses to, western colonialism and imperialism. Explores the construction of race, gender, class, and sexuality within imperial projects and anti-imperial movements.

GE Core: GHP

GE Marker: GN


WGS 350 Introduction to Feminist Theories 3

Explores and evaluates feminist theories in a socio-historical context. Raises questions about their implications for different methods of inquiry and about the nature of knowledge and rational thought.

GE Core: GPR

Prerequisites: WGS 250 or permission of instructor .

WGS 374 Ecofeminism 3

Study of Ecofeminism as a philosophy and social movement that focuses on interconnections between feminism and environmentalism. Analysis of paradigms and inequalities that devalue and oppress both 'women' and 'nature'.

WGS 375 Topics in Native American and Indigenous Studies 3

Exploration of the literatures, cultural productions, histories, and politics of indigenous peoples. Topic will vary depending on section.

Notes: May be repeated for credit when topic varies. Same as ENG 375.

WGS 400 Independent Study 1-3

Intensive independent study of specialized topics.

Prerequisites: Permission of sponsoring instructor.

Notes: May be repeated once for credit.

WGS 419 Gender, Crime, and Deviance 3

Examines key questions in scholarly literature on gender, crime, and deviance: how gender socialization, gender roles, and institutions affect males' and females' offending, deviant behavior, and victimization.

Notes: Same as SOC 419. Students cannot receive credit for both WGS 419 and WGS 311.

WGS 450 Topics Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies 3

An in-depth study of a selected topic or topics in Women's and Gender Studies involving directed reading and research.

Notes: May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

WGS 460 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies 3

Practical experience in a variety of professional settings. Includes biweekly seminar with internship coordinator. Students complete at least 7–10 hours a week at internship sites.

Prerequisites: WGS 250, plus 6 additional hours in WGS. 6 hours in core courses in major, if other than WGS;

Notes: For Women's and Gender Studies majors and minors only.

WGS 490 Women's and Gender Studies Senior Capstone Course 3

Senior-level work on a major theme in the field of Women's and Gender Studies. Each student will design and complete a culminating research project.

Prerequisites: Women's and Gender Studies Major.

WGS 493 Honors Work 3-6

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor; 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major;

Notes: May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes.

WGS 530 Critical Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory 3

Examines sexuality as an identity and an object of knowledge in connection to race, class, and gender. Includes exploration of the history of, and new developments in, queer theory.

Prerequisites: WGS 350 or permission of instructor.

WGS 540 Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment 3

Interdisciplinary engagement of social entrepreneurship as model for change on an issue of environmental sustainability. Exploration of models that respond to social, economic, environmental, and justice issues.

Prerequisites: Upper-division undergraduate or graduate student status.

Notes: Same as BUS 540, CST 540, ENT 540, PCS 540, SWK 540.

WGS 600 Independent Study 3-6

A research or creative project related to women's and gender studies supervised by a WGS faculty member.

Prerequisites: At least 9 hours with a B (3.0) average or better.

WGS 601 Women's and Gender Studies Internship 3

Supervised experience related to women's and gender studies; may include teaching internship, service learning opportunity, applied research experience, or internship in organizations and agencies that work on women's concerns or serving women in the community.

Prerequisites: For master's students, at least 15 semester hours of graduate level course work including WGS 650 and WGS 651.

WGS 602 Internship Seminar 3

Prerequisite: At least 15 credit hours of graduate level course work including WGS 650 and WGS 651;

Corequisites: WGS 601.

WGS 650 Feminist Theory: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class 3

Introduces feminist social movements across historical and global contexts. Relies on interdisciplinary lenses and epistemologies, particularly as contested identity politics intersect with other systems of power and relationships.

WGS 651 Feminist Research Analysis 3

Feminist approaches to philosophical and practical inquiries: data collection, analysis, and presentation. Prepares students to critically read research to understand the place of gender in lived experiences and institutional spaces.

Prerequisites: WGS 650.

WGS 698 Culminating Project 3

A capstone experience for the master's degree in women's and gender studies. Students design and present culminating project in their area of specialization and professional portfolio developed from WGS courses.

WGS 699 Thesis 1-6

Individual guidance in the development of a specific research problem.

Notes: May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.

WGS 706 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies 3

Intensive work at an advanced level on a selected topic in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Notes: Same as ENG 706.

WGS 711 Experimental Course: Race, Gender, and US Empire 3

Interdisciplinary investigation of the social construction of race and gender in the context of US warfare and imperial statecraft. Examines critiques of US empire using critical race and feminist frameworks.

WGS 803 Research Extension 1-3

Research Extension.