Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA 663B Exp Bus Abroad:Mexico 1.5

MBA 701 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making 3

Quantitative methods and spreadsheet skills to support management practice and decision making. Topics include statistical hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, regression analysis, optimization modeling, decision analysis and risk analysis.

Prerequisites: Pre-MBA workshop in statistics and spreadsheet skills or a spreadsheet-based undergraduate course in probability and statistics.

MBA 702 Financial and Managerial Accounting 3

Introduction to financial and managerial accounting. Topics include financial statements, financial analysis of those statements, cost accounting, and accounting's role in managerial decision-making.

MBA 703 Economic Policies and Impact on Global Outcomes 3

Economic analysis of markets, and government intervention that addresses the sustainability of fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy and their short-run and long-run impact on the global environment.

MBA 704 Leadership Assessment and Career Enhancement 3

Through assessment and feedback, leadership strengths and developmental needs are identified to enhance career strategies and competencies.

MBA 705 Processes, Information Systems, and Business Value 3

Examine the role of information systems to improve processes and business performance. Analyze the interaction of business strategies, work processes, competitive markets, technology and people for effective IT management.

MBA 706 Marketing Management 3

Issues related to the marketing process, major trends and forces that are changing the marketing landscape, marketing information, building and managing brands, marketing strategy and roles of ethics in marketing.

MBA 707 Financial Management 3

Financial decision-making; time value of money, risk and return, valuation of securities, financial options, cost of capital, capital budgeting, working capital policy, financing decisions.

Prerequisites: MBA 701, MBA 702.

MBA 708 Operations for Competitive Advantage 3

The course examines design, operation, and control of organizations for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in the market place. Strategic and tactical issues will be integrated with a systems approach.

Prerequisites: MBA 701.

MBA 709 Human Capital in Organizations 3

An integrated overview of organizational behavior and human resource management. The course joins the topics of organization behavior with human resource tools used to manage human capital.

MBA 710 Ethical Leadership and Sustainable Business 3

Principles of effective leadership and models of ethics are integrated to better understand the complementary and competing pressures, for and against, the creation and maintenance of a sustainable business model.

MBA 711 ExCr:Electronic Commerce 1.5

MBA 711C ExCr:Electronic Commerce 1.5

MBA 711D Ex Cr:Teams 1.5

MBA 711J Ex Cr:Imprving Team Effectvns 1.5

MBA 712 Strategic Management 3

Examines the tools and techniques of strategic analysis, the formulation and implementation of competitive and corporate strategy for creating and sustaining competitive advantage.

Prerequisites: MBA 703, MBA 706, MBA 707, MBA 708, MBA 716, MBA 717.

Corequisites: MBA 703, MBA 717.

MBA 715 Integrative Business 3

Introduction to the values, concepts and functions of businesses and organizations. Focus on developing an integrative approach to understanding organizations and the role of businesses in society.

MBA 716 Leadership and Sustainable Business 3

Introduction to the values associated with ethics and sustainability relative to leadership, from idea formulation through communication within various constituencies across organizational contexts and communication media.

MBA 717 Technology and Innovation 3

The role of technology (including information technology, business intelligence, and data analytics) in innovation. Students will develop a technology-based actionable plan for an organization.

MBA 718 Global Business in Practice 3

Principles and practices of conducting business in a global environment.

MBA 719 Strategic Management in Action 3

Integration of tools and techniques of strategic analysis, formulation and implementation of competitive and corporate strategy. Students engage in professional consulting and/or experiential projects with local organizations.

Prerequisites: MBA 703, MBA 706, MBA 707, MBA 708, MBA 716, MBA 717.

Corequisites: MBA 703.

MBA 720 Investments 3

This course explores theories and applications related to portfolio theory, asset allocation and pricing, stock return predictability and anomalies, fixed income pricing and risk management using derivatives.

MBA 721 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation 3

This course is about value. Emphasis is on equity analysis and valuation for public and private firms, but other types and purpose of valuation are covered.

Prerequisites: MBA 707.

MBA 723 Corporate Governance 3

Focuses on curent issues in and theories of corporate governance. Topics include the examination of internal and external corporate controls, stakeholder theories and international governance comparisons.

MBA 724 Financial Institutions 3

Survey course intended for those interested in financial services careers and those with interest in general finance. Will cover financial institutions, investment funds, trading markets and financial market regulation.

MBA 730 Marketing Research 3

Defining the purpose of marketing research, selecting a data gathering method, writing a survey/questionnaire, and sampling methods. Using statistics and interpreting the results to make marketing decisions.

Prerequisites: MBA 706.

MBA 731 Brand Management 3

Examines brand management strategies, tools and decisions faced by organizations in planning, building and measuring brand equity for long term profitability.

MBA 732 Consumer Behavior 3

Applying behavioral theories to understand consumer consumption behaviors and the effect of environmental and psychological influences on the consumer decision-making process.

MBA 733 International Marketing Management 3

Activities that direct the flow of products to markets in a transnational, transcultural context; transcultural consumer behavior; channel strategy, physical distribution, promotion, and pricing.

Prerequisites: MBA 706.

MBA 741 Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage 3

Student teams will serve as consultants to area organizations and provide their managers with comprehensive solutions to strategic challenges.

Prerequisites: MBA 703, MBA 706, MBA 707, MBA 708, MBA 716, MBA 717.

Corequisites: MBA 703, MBA 717.

MBA 742 Organizational Internship 1.5-3

Academic and required work components allow students to gain organizational experience in an area of business. Course supervised by a designated graduate faculty member and an appropriate manager of the approved organization.

Prerequisites: MBA 706, MBA 707, MBA 708, MBA 717, or permission of MBA Program Director.

Notes: May be repeated for credit.

MBA 743 Directed Studies 1.5-3

Independent study of a business administration topic, not currently covered by courses in the MBA program, under the supervision of a faculty member(s).

Prerequisites: Completion of 12 hours or equivalent in the MBA program and permission of MBA Program Director.

Notes: May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit when topic varies.

MBA 744 Special Topics in Business Administration 1.5,3

Specific course title identified each semester by the topical extension to the basic title: e.g., Special Topics in Business Law; Organizational Theory.

Notes: May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

MBA 745 Experience Business Abroad 1.5-3

Practices and principles involved in conducting business in a specified country. Lectures and seminars by local academicians and site visitations and lectures by foreign business people.

Prerequisites: Permission of MBA Director.