Health Informatics (IAH)

IAH 630 Fundamentals of Health Informatics 3

Introduction to healthcare data, data systems, and different kinds of applications of analytics for health care, including clinical and research applications.

Notes: Students cannot receive credit for both IAH 630 and CSC 630.

IAH 631 Artificial Intelligence in Health Care 3

Problem-based learning with Artificial Intelligence approaches of data science, data mining, statistics, and machine/deep learning, directed towards solving quantitative problems in the domain of Health Care Informatics.

Notes: Students cannot receive credit for both IAH 631 and CSC 631.

IAH 689 Capstone Project in Health Informatics 3

Students work with local industries and nonprofit organizations to solve important data science problems under the supervision of a mentor. Students develop a portfolio and give a presentation to program faculty and students reflecting on their experiences using informatics and analytics in a specific work situation.