Higher Education (HED)

HED 601 Foundations of College Student Affairs Administration 3

HED 602 Student Development Theory in Higher Education 3

Learning as a comprehensive, holistic, and transformative experience integrating academic learning and student development. Overview of campus programs and services. Review of research on the impact of college on undergraduates.

HED 603 Effects of College on Students 3

Reviews the theory and research on the effects of the college experience on contemporary college students.

Prerequisites: HED 601, HED 602, HED 609. Restricted to students enrolled in the SAAHE master's degree program or the Higher Education doctoral program (if needed as a supporting course and with instructor permission).

HED 606 Organization and Administration of Student Affair in Higher Education 3

Basic skills and theories of organization and administration of student affairs programs in higher education.

Prerequisites: HED 601.

HED 607 Adult Learning and College Teaching 3

HED 608 Leadership in Higher Education 3

Examines the concepts of "good" and "effective" leadership and the nature of leadership development in higher education. Explores and investigates leadership models, theories, and frameworks in higher education.

HED 609 Student Development Theory II 3

Examines the concepts of social justice in higher education. Explores and investigates various theories, perspectives, issues, and frameworks of social justice and social identities in higher education.

HED 612 Current Issues in Higher Education 3

HED 625 Acad Advsng/Retentn-Higher Ed 3

Addresses academic advising as a key element in the retention of college students; academic advising on the college campus.

HED 661 Higher Education in the U.S. 3

Policy governance and legal issues affecting contemporary higher education in the U.S. and their historical background.

HED 663 Planning Programs in Postsecondary Education 3

Designing and implementing developmentally appropriate programs in higher education. Constructing learning outcomes. Evaluating and reporting program effectiveness.

HED 688 Contemporary Problems Seminar 1-3

Specific course title identified each semester by subscript (e.g., Contemporary Problems Seminar; Issues in Professional Negotiations).

Prerequisites: Advanced master's or doctoral standing, or permission of instructor.

Notes: May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

HED 690 Internship and Professionalism in Student Affairs 3

Provides experiential learning opportunities in functional area of higher education. Learners engage in professional work activities, explore career interests, and prepare for full-time employment.

Prerequisites: HED 601 and 602 and permission of instructor.

HED 692 Independent Study 1-4

Guided readings, research, and individual project work under direction of a staff member.

HED 699 Thesis 1-6

Individual guidance and direction in the development of a research problem in the master's degree thesis.

HED 728 Topics in CUI 3

HED 738 Mixed Methods Rsrch Desgn-CUI 3

Overview of mixed methods research including its history, current literature, and typology. Topics include research design, data collection, data analysis, validity, and proposal writing for a mixed methods study.

HED 745 Higher Education: Equity, Inclusion and Learning 3

HED 746 Organizational Theory in Higher Education 3

Competing theories of college and university organization form a transdisciplinary perspective with attention to the cultural singularities of academia. Production of an in-depth literature review on a related topic.

Prerequisites: HED 601, HED 606, and HED 661.

HED 747 Advanced Student Devel Theory 3

Advanced study of the impact of college on students with emphasis on developmental needs and peer group characteristics. Requires an in-depth literature review on a related topic.

HED 748 The Law of Higher Education 3

An overview of law and implications for decision-making in higher education. Focus on constitutional, statutory, and case law. Prepares higher education leaders to protect rights of faculty, staff, students, others.

HED 749 Professional Seminar in Higher Education Research 3

Overview of higher education as a field of study. Participants develop research interests, practice critical reading and writing strategies, and produce an in-depth literature review.

Prerequisites: HED 601, HED 606, and HED 661.

HED 756 Public Policy in Higher Ed 3

Overview of the roles of principal forces and actors in formulating federal and state policies related to access, affordability, and accountability in postsecondary education.

HED 765 Research in Equity Education 3

Examines the research knowledgebase in equity education and facilitates the design of culturally sensitive studies. Particular emphasis on race/ethnicity, gender, and class issues related to the design of research studies that affirm equity and perpetuate social justice.

HED 767 Qualitative Data Coll/Analysis 3

HED 775 Directed Doctoral Research 3

Individual work on dissertation research problems: collection analysis, critical review, integration, and interpretation of research literature on a topic pertinent to the student's dissertation. May be repeated once for credit.

HED 799 Dissertation 1-12

Individual direction in the development and execution of a doctoral dissertation.

HED 802 Dissertation Extension 1-3

Dissertation Extension.

HED 803 Research Extension 1-3

Research Extension.