Entrepreneurship (ENT)

ENT 130 Entrepreneurship in a Sustainable Global Environment 3

Global forces will restructure the world economy for the foreseeable future. Entrepreneurship, sustainability, and innovation will drive companies and individuals and produce major changes within that environment.

GE Marker: GL

Notes: Same as BUS 130.

ENT 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance 3

Introduction to problems and methods in business finance within the context of entrepreneurial ventures. Topics include business formation, sources of financing, financial statements, business valuation, budgeting, and measuring financial performance.

Notes: Same as FIN 200.

ENT 201 Creativity, Innovation, and Vision 3

Creativity and innovation is examined through an interdisciplinary lens. We examine how creative and innovative thinking gives us the vision to see opportunities and how they impact society.

GE Core: GSB

Notes: Same as BUS 201.

ENT 202 Arts Admin and Entrepreneurship 3

Introduces foundational skills for successful management, launching and growth of arts organizations. Topics include strategy, organizational structure, new venture launch, entrepreneurship, market analysis, marketing, fundraising and audience engagement.

Notes: Same as AAD 202.

ENT 204 Exp Crs Entrepreneur Bootcamp 3

ENT 206 Start Something 3

Students learn the basics of establishing a new business from idea to inception through the finalized business model. Students may have the opportunity to establish a viable business on campus.

Notes: Same as BUS 206.

ENT 240 Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience 3

Introduction to the entrepreneurial experience including historical perspectives, the role of entrepreneurs in supporting the economy, the entrepreneurial process, venture creation, and innovation.

Notes: Same as BUS 240.

ENT 245 EC:Sprt Coaching Cncpt/Prncple 3

Concepts that are essential in the preparation of sport coaches in a variety of scholastic and community settings will be explored.

ENT 250 Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship 3

Students will engage in exercises to understand their purpose, develop a plan to create self-employed, meaningful work, and learn strategies to stay connected to the self and the world.

Notes: May be repeated once for credit. Business project must be different than the project completed first time taking the course; Same as HHS 250.

ENT 275 Entrepreneurial Personal Branding 3

Students will have a better understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset, how to use entrepreneurship strategies personally, and how to best brand and uniquely market themselves.

Notes: Same as HHS 275.

ENT 276 Creative Space: The Meeting of Art and Entrepreneurship 3

Students develop self-employment skills with a focus on blending contemporary creative practices and entrepreneurship. Research and basic art skills are combined with entrepreneurship resulting in personal business models.

Prerequisites: ART or ENTR major.

Notes: Same as ART 276.

ENT 286 Foundations of Sport Coaching 3

Research and sport coaching skills will be explored as well as entrepreneurial learning theories and skills that allow coaches to develop their own coaching products for income/profit.

Notes: Same as KIN 286.

ENT 290 Entrepreneurship and the Internet 3

This introductory course provides students with the theoretical and practical foundation needed to become an entrepreneur able to conceive and develop business plans to create a new venture on the Internet.

Notes: Same as ISM 290.

ENT 291 Entrepreneurship and Technology in Health Care 3

Introduces how technology helps create new business ventures in the health care industry. Health care delivery processes and mechanisms relevant to turning ideas into profitable opportunities will be addressed.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

Notes: Same as ISM 291.

ENT 292 IT Entrepreneurship 3

Fundamentals of advanced technologies are presented and entrepreneurial skills needed to manage the challenges inherent in attempting to take advantage of innovations driven from those technologies are discussed.

Notes: Same as ISM 292.

ENT 300 Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis 3

Provides the knowledge and skills to develop a feasibility plan for a new business venture that will be the basis for developing a business plan.

Prerequisites: ENT 200 or FIN 200 or ACC 201 or permission of instructor.

Notes: Same as BUS 300.

ENT 307 Global Health 3

Study of disease burden and health systems in high-, middle-, and low-income countries. Emphasis on challenges and public health and entrepreneurial approaches to improvements in resource-constrained and emerging nations.

GE Marker: GN

Notes: Same as HEA 307.

ENT 309 Entrepreneurship in the Public Sector 3

Introduction to principles and practices of entrepreneurship in the public sector through literature, case studies of initiatives, such as citizen innovation and cross-sectoral collaborations, online class discussions, and group projects.

Notes: Same as PSC 309.

ENT 312 Economics of Technology 3

Economic analysis of technological change. Topics include sources of productivity, inventive activity, entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, RD management, patenting, and technology assessment.

Prerequisites: ECO 101 or ECO 201.

Notes: Same as ECO 312.

ENT 315 The Economics of Entrepreneurship 3

Study of entrepreneurship from history of economic thought perspective and application of such concepts to economic agents. Emphasis on economic thought, market activity, and economic growth.

Prerequisites: ECO 101 or ECO 201.

Notes: Same as ECO 315.

ENT 320 Multimedia for Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement 3

Introduction to multimedia reporting and production, with the creation of a home page for civic organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship to enhance learning by engaging in community service activities.

Notes: Same as MST 320.

ENT 321 Design Thinking and/or Entrepreneurial Thinking 3

Theories and applications of design thinking and entrepreneurial thinking will be explored. Students interested in innovation and creativity with application ranging from regional to global in practice will benefit.

GE Marker: GL

Notes: Same as IAR 321.

ENT 324 Professional Selling 3

Professional selling provides students with the knowledge and skill sets needed to give them the ability to make effective sales presentations to businesses or consumers.

Notes: Same as MKT 324.

ENT 327 Writing for Professionals and Entrepreneurs 3

Principles of written communication emphasizing clarity, precision, audience analysis, arrangement, and collaboration applied to a variety of professional and entrepreneurial writing tasks and workplace settings; includes elements of summaries, reports, and proposals.

Prerequisites: General Education Reasoning and Discourse requirement (GRD) must already have been met.

Notes: May be repeated for credit. Same as ENG 327.

ENT 328 Sales Leadership 3

Problems in selling and sales management are dealt with from the strategic marketing perspective. The sales management process is addressed from the perspective of the profit-maximizing allocation of resources of the firm.

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing.

Notes: Same as MKT 328.

ENT 335 Entrepreneurial Finance 3

This course focuses on financial analysis, financial forecasting, financing, capital costs, and working capital management of start-up businesses and existing businesses in the early stages of development.

Notes: Same as FIN 335.

ENT 336 Opportunities to Action: Business Plan 3

Provides the knowledge and skills to develop a feasibility plan into a business plan for a new venture, which culminates in a business plan competition.

Prerequisites: BUS 300 or ENT 300.

Notes: Same as BUS 336.

ENT 337 Family Business 3

Overview of family business, including what is required for family harmony and business continuity.

Notes: Same as BUS 337.

ENT 338 Global Franchising 3

This course introduces the student to opportunities in franchising including becoming a franchisee or franchisor.

GE Marker: GL

Prerequisites: ACC 201 or ENT/FIN 200.

Notes: Same as BUS 338, STH 338.

ENT 339 Entrepreneurial Leadership 3

Leadership theories, skills, and practices necessary for effectiveness in varied entrepreneurial settings, including private businesses, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and social movements.

Notes: Same as BUS 339.

ENT 340 Social Entrepreneurship 3

Introduction to social entrepreneurship including identification of social problems and how they are solved through innovation, community impact, sustainability, ethical, scalable, economic value creation, and risk-taking efforts.

Notes: Same as BUS 340.

ENT 342 International Entrepreneurship 3

Creation and management of business ventures with international dimensions are examined, and economic and formal/informal institutions affecting entrepreneurship are discussed.

GE Marker: GL

Notes: Same as BUS 342.

ENT 354 Restaurant Entrepreneurship 3

Students will explore the role of entrepreneurship in the hospitality and tourism industry, determine risks and rewards of self-employment, and develop business concepts based on the hospitality and/or tourism skill set.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Same as STH 354.

ENT 362 Ethical Issues in Entrepreneurship 3

Application of ethical theory to global entrepreneurship; including entrepreneur's role in ethical actions, economic justice, responsibility, self and government regulation, conflict of interest, investment policy, advertising, and environmental responsibility.

GE Core: GPR

GE Marker: GN

Notes: Students may not receive credit for both PHI 361 and PHI 362. Same as PHI 362.

ENT 394 Advanced Studio Practicum: Art and Entrepreneurship 3

Development and operation of student-run art studio offering services ranging from graphic design and photography to painting and sculpture. Emphasis on developing professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Grade: Pass/Not Pass (P/NP). May be repeated once. Same as ART 394.

ENT 396 Transition Planning and School-Based Entrepreneurship 3

This course will provide a background in transition planning for students with disabilities. Emphasis is placed on career development and transition services and entrepreneurial efforts in schools and communities.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

Notes: Same as SES 396.

ENT 400 Exp Crs: Family Business 3

Provides an overview of the planning and management process required for family harmony and business continuity.

ENT 402 Entrepreneurship in the Performing Arts 3

Focus on entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and career development in the performing arts.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Same as VPA 402, MUP 402.

ENT 403 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3

Focuses on marketing strategy, planning, and tactics for entrepreneurial firms. Addresses general marketing issues and specific "real world" marketing problems. Entrepreneurial firms serve as clients for student consulting teams.

Notes: Same as MKT 403.

ENT 404 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Community Leadership 3

A service-learning designated course using experiential learning to prepare students for positions of organizational leadership required in preparation for self-sufficiency and potential self employment within any community context.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Course has service-learning designation. Same as ELC 404.

ENT 421 Entrepreneurship Practicum in Apparel and Consumer Retailing: Store Operations 3

Operation of student-run on-campus retail store. Application of industry knowledge and skills to maintain financial success using appropriate customer service, inventory management, and merchandise display techniques.

Prerequisites: Completion of 30 semester hours at UNCG.

Notes: Same as CRS 421.

ENT 427 Personal Selling Internship 3

Minimum of 100 hours planned work experience in an organization with a personal sales force. Instructor will provide placement or must approve placement in advance.

Prerequisites: permission of instructor.

Notes: Grade: Pass/Not Pass (P/NP).

ENT 450 Directed Business Practice 3

Planned work experience approved in advance by instructor. This is a web-based course that requires regularly scheduled work in an organization that sponsors your internship. In addition, the course requires reading, writing, and skill practice assignments.

Prerequisites: Junior standing and written permission of the instructor.

Notes: Open to all majors. Same as BUS 450.

ENT 451 Service Management 3

Integration of service systems management, human behavior, and marketing in the creation, delivery, and assurance of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Notes: Same as CTR 451, STH 451.

ENT 455 Arts and Entrepreneurship: Career Strategies for Artists 3

Overview of professional performing arts career management tools. Students learn the basics of applying entrepreneurship skills and strategies to starting and sustaining an arts-related business.

Prerequisites: ARAD, DANC, DRAM, MEDU, MUSI, or PRFM major. or permission of instructor;

Notes: Same as AAD 455, DCE 455.

ENT 470 Entrepreneurial/Small Business Management 3

Application of management principles to small business organizations. How to start a new enterprise. Requirements for successful operation of a small business.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor.

Notes: Same as BUS 470.

ENT 493 Honors Work in Entrepreneurship 3

Paper or project in one of the seven profiles in Entrepreneurship; may be in conjunction with the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor, 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major.

ENT 498 Internship in Arts Administration and Entrepreneurship 3

Supervised work experience pre-approved that requires regularly scheduled hours in an entrepreneurial arts organization. The course meets online throughout the semester and requires reading, writing, and oral communication assignments.

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor.

Notes: Same as AAD 498.

ENT 499 Selected Topics in Entrepreneurship 1-3

Study of topics of common interest to those interested in entrepreneurship. Group discussion and study rather than independent study emphasized. Generally non-recurring topics studied.

Prerequisites: Junior standing. permission of instructor;

Notes: May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes. Same as BUS 499.

ENT 502 Entrepreneurial Urban Planning 3

Fundamental concepts and techniques of urban planning as it relates to enhancing overall quality of life with a primary focus on land use patterns, the environment, business and entrepreneurship.

Notes: Same as GES 402/GES 602.

ENT 511 Silver Industries 3

Overview of the longevity economy and its influences on entrepreneurial opportunities. Case illustrations highlighted. Using the entrepreneurial business model, students explore opportunities, risks, and rewards in the silver industries market.

Notes: Same as GRO 511.

ENT 516 Entrepreneurship in Clinical Settings 3

Designed to teach students how to effectively build and implement a successful business model for the design and delivery of clinical practices, or related services.

Prerequisites: Advanced undergraduate student, graduate student, Vision student. or permission of instructor;

Notes: Same as CED 616.

ENT 530 Researching Opportunities in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 3

Students will learn how to conduct research necessary to make informed decisions for an entrepreneurial venture and measure and assess economic development opportunities. No business research experience necessary.

Prerequisites: Junior, senior, or graduate standing.

Notes: Same as GES 430/GES 630, LIS 530, MKT 530.

ENT 535 Entrepreneurship and Independent Press Publishing 3

Exploration, analysis, and participation in independent press publishing from inception to final product while practicing the entrepreneurial strategies needed to begin a successful venture.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

Notes: Same as ENG 535.

ENT 540 Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment 3

Interdisciplinary engagement of social entrepreneurship as model for change on an issue of environmental sustainability. Exploration of models that respond to social, economic, environmental, and justice issues.

Prerequisites: Upper-division undergraduate or graduate student status.

Notes: Same as BUS 540, CST 540, PCS 540, SWK 540, WGS 540.

ENT 589 Experimental Course 3

This number reserved for experimental courses. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings.

ENT 606 International Entrepreneurship 3

Issues related to starting, joining, or holding stakes in international ventures, the creation and management of business ventures that have international dimensions, economic and formal/informal institutions affecting entrepreneurship.

ENT 608 Corporate Entrepreneurship 3

Examination of the challenges and opportunities for employees and organizations in creating and maintaining an entrepreneurial culture. Students consult with local for profit or non-profit organizations to perform an entrepreneurial audit.

ENT 609 Franchising 3

Develop knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a franchisee, franchisor, or franchise executive, including understanding the Franchise Disclosure Document and the role of entrepreneurship in franchising.

ENT 615 Entrepreneurship for the Sciences 3

Develop knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship to identify and evaluate science and technology ideas in chemistry and the life sciences as opportunities to take through the feasibility and business plan.

ENT 661 Entrepreneurial Career Development in Music 3

Focus on the entrepreneurship knowledge, skills, and career development to enable students to become the architect of his/her future.

ENT 671 Issues in Apparel and Related Industries Entrepreneurship Research 3

Current state of research on entrepreneurship studies in general and particularly within the apparel and related products industry.

ENT 672 Web Programming 3

Apply fundamental programming concepts in designing and implementing applications for the web. Foundations for developing web applications.

Notes: Same as ISM 672.

ENT 677 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Healthy Aging 3

Examination of entrepreneurship opportunities related to the aging population, with specific attention to products and services that extend the healthy lifespan. Includes development of Business Opportunity Analysis.

ENT 701 Promoting and Protecting Health through Entrepreneurship 3

Introduction to Federal Small Business Research grant mechanisms for entrepreneurial research. Preparation of a grant proposal for submission to NIH, CDC, or Department of Education.

ENT 803 Research Extension 1-3

Research Extension.