Information Systems, Ph.D.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see the Guide to Graduate Admissions.

In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, applicants must submit a one-page personal statement and a resume. Applicants should consult the Ph.D. Program Director for specific admission requirements.

Students without a master’s degree in business will need to take additional courses to establish an understanding of business processes.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 71 credit hours

Leveling Courses/Prerequisites

To be taken as needed to remedy deficiencies: *
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications for Business
Organizing Data for Analytics
App Design and Programming
Designing Secure Computer and IoT Networks for Business
Information Systems Management
Students with no business background must take at least three of these four courses: *
Financial and Managerial Accounting
Marketing Management
Operations for Competitive Advantage

In consultation with the Ph.D. Program Director.


Core Courses (21 credits)
ISM 760Contemporary Research Methods in Information Systems3
ISM 785Behavioral Theories of Information Systems Research3
ISM 786Principles of Scientific Inquiry in Information Systems Research3
ISM 788Seminar in IS Research Methods3
Select three courses (9 credits) from the following:9
Information Systems Research Seminar I
Information Systems Research Seminar II
Information Systems Research Seminar III
Information Systems Research Seminar IV
IS Teaching Education (4-7 credits)
Select 4-7 credits *4-7
IS Research Seminars (7-8 credits)
Select a minimum of 7 credits **7-8
Knowledge Area (9 credits)
Select 9 credits, possible courses include: *9
Predictive Analytics in Information Systems Research
Data Visualization for Information Systems Research
Cyber Security Principles in Information Systems Research
Global Cyber Threats and Risk Management
Information Technology Driven Disruptive Innovations
Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence in Information Systems Research
Blockchains and Cryptography in Information Systems Research
Research Methodology (12 credits)
Select 12 credits, possible courses include: *12
Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry: A Social Justice Approach
Multivariate Analysis
Structural Equation Modeling in Education
Advanced Statistics in the Behavioral and Biological Sciences I
Advanced Statistics in the Behavioral and Biological Sciences II
Multivariate Analysis
Dissertation (18-24 credits)
ISM 799Dissertation18-24
Total Credit Hours71

Chosen in consultation with the Ph.D. Program Director. Courses in other departments may be taken with the approval of the advisor.


Taken throughout the program.

Organizational Research Internship

Required of students lacking relevant work experience, as determined by the Ph.D. Program Director.

Research Apprenticeship

Two papers must be submitted for publication in conference proceedings or journals prior to taking written comprehensive examinations.

Comprehensive Written Examination

Upon completion of the required course work and research apprenticeship, the student will be eligible to sit for written comprehensive examinations. The major examination will have two parts:

  • The first part will be composed of IS content from various courses and existing literature.
  • The second part will be designed to evaluate the research readiness of the student.

Typically, the major examination is given in the Fall semester. If the student fails at the first attempt, a second attempt may be allowed by the Ph.D. Program Director.

Oral Examination

Following the successful completion of the written comprehensive examination, the student will be given an oral examination by the doctoral Advisory/Dissertation Committee. Upon successful completion of the oral examination, the student may apply for doctoral candidacy.

Proposal Defense

Following the oral examination, the student will prepare a dissertation proposal that will be defended before the doctoral Advisory/Dissertation Committee. The defense may be attended by others outside the committee.


A minimum of 18 credits will be devoted to research that culminates in the preparation of the required doctoral dissertation.