Videogaming and Esports Studies Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements 

  • Minimum of 15 credit hours comprised of 1 required core course and 4 electives; courses may be taken in any order.
Introduction to the Cultural Study of Videogaming
Select 12 credits of Electives from the list below:
Introduction to Digital Modeling
Introduction to 3D Animation
Playing Games and the Ancient World
Leisure and American Lifestyles
Inclusive Recreation
Special Event Management
Storylab: Multimodal Narrative
Videogames and Literature
Games and Information: Play, Design, and Collection
Designing Games For Information Activities and Systems
Video Sports Production
Topics in Electronic Media
Making Music with Computers
Video Game Music Composition and Production
Religion and Popular Culture
Video Games and the Problem of Evil
Fandom and Religion: Rituals, Texts, Communities
Religion and Popular Culture: Selected Topics
Videogaming and Death