Religious Studies Second Academic Concentration

The second academic concentration in Religious Studies is designed specifically for Elementary Education Majors.


  • Minimum of 18 credit hours
Traditions and Historical Studies
Select 6 credits of the following:
The Bible in Western Culture
Hebrew Bible
New Testament and the Origins of Christianity
Christianity to the Reformation
Christianity from the Reformation to the Present
Introduction to African American Religions
Religious Traditions and Care of the Earth
Religion in Traditional Societies
Early Christianity
Topics in Biblical Studies
Topics in Ancient Judaism
Cultural and Theoretical Studies
Select 6 credits of the following:
Critical Thinking about Religion, Faith and Spirituality: Selected Topics
Modern Judaism
Topics in Religious Social Ethics
Christianity and the Construction of Gender
Judaism and the Construction of Gender
Religious Movements and Communities: Selected Topics
Religion and Psychology
Modern Jewish Thinkers
Topics in Religious Studies
Additional REL Courses
Select 6 credits of additional REL courses at the 200 level or above