Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete grade may be removed by completion of the deferred work. The time line for which all deferred work must be submitted by a student is determined at the discretion of the instructor and should be clearly outlined via a written document summarizing the course work to be completed and any deadlines for submission. A student should not re-register for the course in order to remove the Incomplete. An Incomplete received during a semester or in summer session must be removed within six months from the last day of examinations in the term in which the course was taken. This deadline indicates the final date that an instructor may submit a grade change to remove the incomplete grade. The parameters for removing an incomplete grade, including any deadlines for which work must be submitted by a student, are at the discretion of the instructor.

An incomplete not removed within this time limit is automatically converted to an F on the student’s academic record by the University Registrar's Office. A graduating senior who incurs an incomplete and who has completed all requirements and enough semester hour credits and grade points to graduate may do so even though the Incomplete grade is outstanding. If the Incomplete is not removed within the required six months, it will be converted to F at the end of that period of time. When an Incomplete is removed, it may be replaced by A, B, C, D, F, or, in certain designated courses, P, NP, S, or U.