A grade in a course is based on the quality of the student’s classroom and written work throughout the semester. Most course grades are not solely based on the final examination alone.

If a course or its equivalent is taken more than once for credit and is not repeatable for credit, credit will be applied toward degree requirements only once.

Grading System For Undergraduates

Grade Description
A Excellent—indicates achievement of distinction and excellence in several if not all of the following aspects: 1) completeness and accuracy of knowledge; 2) intelligent use of knowledge; 3) independence of work; 4) originality.
B Good—indicates general achievement superior to the acceptable standard defined as C. It involves excellence in some aspects of the work, as indicated in the definition of A.
C Average—indicates the acceptable standard for graduation from UNC Greensboro. It involves such quality and quantity of work as may fairly be expected of a student of normal ability who gives to the course a reasonable amount of time, effort, and attention.
D Lowest Passing Grade—indicates work that falls below the acceptable standards defined as C but which is of sufficient quality and quantity to be counted in the hours of graduation if balanced by superior work in other courses.
F Failure—indicates failure that may not be made up except by repeating the course.
I Incomplete—indicates that the completion of some part of the work for the course has been deferred because of prolonged illness of the student or because of some serious circumstances beyond the student’s control. Concomitantly with the recording of an Incomplete grade, the instructor files with the head of the school or department concerned the student’s average grade and the specific work that must be accomplished before the Incomplete can be removed. Incomplete grades may be recommended by the university physician, the Counseling and Testing Center, and by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. See also the topic Incomplete Grades in this section.
IP In Progress—indicates that the course work was planned to continue beyond a single semester.
NC No Credit—indicates an audited course.
NR Not Reported—indicates a final grade was not submitted prior to the official end of the semester according to the university’s academic calendar.
P/NP Passing/Not Passing—used for designated courses only; courses graded P/NP are so indicated in the course description.
SA Satisfactory
SP Special Exam
US Unsatisfactory
W Withdrawal—indicates a course from which the student withdrew during the first eight (8) weeks of classes; no academic penalty is attached to a grade of W; see also Course Withdrawal.
WE Withdrawal Without Penalty—Individual Course
WF Withdrawal with Failure—indicates a course from which the student withdrew after the first eight (8) weeks of classes; a WF is computed in the student’s GPA; see also Course Withdrawal.
WM Withdrawal Without Penalty—Full Term, Military
WN Withdrawal Not Passing—used in courses designated P/NP.
WT Withdrawal Without Penalty—Full Term
WX Withdrawal With Penalty