Academic Renewal

The following policy was approved by the UNC Greensboro Faculty Senate on October 2, 2002; amended October 23, 2006; amended March 4, 2015.

Academic Renewal allows formerly enrolled students who have been readmitted the possibility of having grades earned during their previous attendance period to be forgiven (excluded from GPA calculations). Students initiate the request for Academic Renewal by filing a form with the Students First Office.

Formerly enrolled students who left UNC Greensboro with a cumulative GPA below 2.00 may pre-qualify for academic renewal when:

  • they have not been enrolled in any institution of higher education for a minimum of one year (one fall and one spring semester);

or, as an alternative:

  • they have completed 24 credit hours of transferrable college credit with a 2.50 GPA since their last enrollment at UNC Greensboro.

Upon being readmitted and/or reactivated under the provisions of this policy, pre-qualified students may apply for Academic Renewal after earning at least a 2.30 GPA on their first 12 credits following re-enrollment. If a student earns fewer than 12 credits in their first term after re-enrollment, all hours and grades earned in consecutive terms (concluding with the term in which the 12 credits total is reached) will be considered for this requirement. If a student earns more than 12 credits in the first term after re-enrollment, all hours and grades earned in that term will be considered for the GPA requirement. Thereafter, the student must meet the standard for continuation in the university Academic Good Standing policy.

All Academic Renewal requests should be submitted to the Students First Office and will be reviewed for approval by the Academic Renewal Review Committee.

Upon meeting the Academic Renewal requirements, previously completed courses in which grades of a D+ or below were earned will be forgiven. The recomputed GPA will be calculated from the courses in which grades of C- or higher were earned. All courses taken will appear on the academic record and count toward attempted hours. Grades will be forgiven only once during a student’s career and cannot be reversed.

Students who receive approval for an Academic Renewal Request cannot utilize the Grade Replacement Policy in future semesters.