Grade Replacement Policy

Revised and approved by the Faculty Senate on April 28, 2021.

A UNCG undergraduate student can request permission to use the Grade Replacement Policy for up to four (4) courses (maximum of 16 credit hours) in which they have earned a grade of C-, D+, D, D- or F/WF. * 

In cases where a Grade Replacement Request is permitted, the original grade in a UNCG course will be removed from the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation and replaced by the grade earned in the repeated UNCG course. However, all final grades and attempted credits from all course attempts will remain on a student’s permanent academic transcript and calculated in determining eligibility for academic majors and financial aid satisfactory academic progress (as applicable).

The following exclusions will prohibit students from using the Grade Replacement Policy from specific courses:

  • Courses in which the final grade earned was the result of an Academic Integrity violation, which are recorded by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Courses taken in future semesters once a student has applied and been approved for the Academic Renewal Policy
  • Grade Replacement Requests submitted after a degree is conferred

Grade Replacement is permitted for courses that have undergone course prefix or course number changes through the Undergraduate Curriculum process.

Students must initiate a Grade Replacement Request by filing a Grade Replacement Request form with the University Registrar’s Office. Once processed, all grade replacements are final and can only be reversed by approved appeal.

In the case of all other repeated courses in which the Grade Replacement Policy is not utilized, attempted credits and grade points from all attempts will be counted fully in the GPA; however, credits earned for the course will count only once in the total hours for the degree.

Appeals for any exceptions to the parameters above, including requests to use Grade Replacement for courses in which a student has earned a C or higher, must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in the Division of Student Success for consideration prior to registering for the repeat course. 

* Due to the academic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, courses originally taken or repeated in Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters will not count against the four (4) course maximum number of Grade Replacements permitted by this policy.