Psychology, Ph.D.

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Degree Program Requirements

Required: 71 credit hours

Core Courses and Electives (47 credits minimum, including credits acquired in the M.A.)

Including core courses and electives taken to satisfy the M.A. requirements, students complete 18-30 credit hours in their area of concentration (cognitive, developmental, social or general experimental) and 18-30 credits outside their area of concentration. Of these credits, only 6 credits of independent study courses (PSY 601 Graduate Problems in Psychology ) can be counted; at least an additional 3 credits of research tools courses beyond the M.A. statistics requirements must be taken; and at least four psychology seminars must be taken (from PSY 735C, PSY 735D, PSY 735I, PSY 735J, or PSY 735S).

Research (24 credits minimum, including credits acquired in the M.A.)

Including the thesis completed to satisfy the M.A. requirements, all students complete the following:

PSY 751Independent Doctoral Research 1-6
PSY 799Doctoral Dissertation Research *1-24

A minimum of 12 dissertation credits (PSY 799) are required.

Required Milestones*

  • Residency (Immersion)
  • Plan of Study
  • Research Competency
  • Comprehensive Exam (Written & Oral)
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Admission to Candidacy
  • Dissertation Defense
  • Filing the Final Approved Dissertation

General information about milestones for doctoral programs is available in Section III of the Graduate Policies page in the University Catalog. For information about how milestones are accomplished for a specific program, please refer to the doctoral program's handbook.