African American Studies Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 18 credit hours
Introduction to African American Studies
Blacks in American Society: Social, Economic, and Political Perspectives
Additional ADS and Related Area Courses12
Select 12 credits from the following:
African American Art History
Understanding Race
Special Topics in African American Studies
The Portrayal of African Americans in Film
The African American Athlete
Black Women in the U.S.
Black Music as Cultural History: 1960-1980
Race and Gender in Black Performance
Independent Study
Indpndnt Blck Pltcs 19th Cntry
Internship in African American Studies
Art and the African-American Presence
African Art: Ancient Empires to Colonial Contact
Colliding Worlds: Forming America
African Dance I
African Dance II
African Dance III
Postcolonial Literatures
History of Africa to 1870
History of Africa since 1870
Race and Segregation
African American His: Sel Tpcs
Twentieth-Century U.S. History: Selected Topics
African History: Selected Topics
Jazz Appreciation
Contemporary Moral Problems
African Political Systems
The Politics of South Africa Through Film and Literature
Introduction to African American Religions
Contemporary African American Religious Thought
Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Race and Ethnic Relations
African American Social Thought
African American Perspectives on Crime
Contemporary Gangs in America
Postcolonial and Transnational Feminisms