Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, M.A.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see https://grs.uncg.edu/programs/.

In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, applicants must submit:

  • A statement of purpose explaining how the WGS M.A. program aligns with their personal, academic, and/or professional experience and goals.
  • An academic writing sample such as a research paper from an academic course.

If applying for an assistantship or other funding, applicants must also submit an academic and professional resume or CV (curriculum vitae).

M.A. students in WGS may apply for concurrent study in a graduate certificate program in such fields as Non-Profit Management or African-American Studies.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 36 credit hours

Required Core Courses (9 credits)
WGS 650Feminist Theory: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class 3
WGS 651Feminist Research Analysis 3
Select one course (3 credits) from the following:3
Communication and Gender
Transnational and Postcolonial Feminist Perspectives
Women's Rhetoric and Feminist Pedagogy
Critical Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory
Individualized Plan of Study (21-24 credits) 1
Select a minimum of 9 credits from courses constituting a concentrated area of study 29
Select a minimum of 12 credits from courses approved for WGS credit 312
Capstone Experience (6 or 3 credits)
Select one option (6 or 3 credits) from the following:6 or 3
Thesis Option (6 credits)
Internship Option (6 credits)
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Internship
and Independent Study 4
Culminating Experience (3 credits)
Culminating Project
Independent Study (3 credits)
Independent Study
Total Credit Hours36

Students who select either the Culminating Project or Independent Study option for their Capstone Experience must complete 24 credits.


That reflects the student's goals and interests.


Or from other graduate offerings consistent with the student's plan of study.


WGS 601 (3 credits) and WGS 600 (3 credits) must be taken concurrently.

Individualized Plan of Study

The proposed plan of study must be approved by the WGS Graduate Advisor (Graduate Program Director). These courses may be selected from those carrying a WGS marker or appropriate courses in relevant fields.

Representative Courses Approved for WGS Credit

Consult advisor for additional options. Students may not double-count courses taken to fulfill requirements.

WGS 600Independent Study 3-6
WGS 601Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Internship3
WGS 602Internship Seminar 3
WGS 701Critical Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory3
WGS 706Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies3
ADS 650Topics in African American Gender Studies 3
CST 659Communication and Gender3
ELC 609Epistemology and Education3
ELC 662Power, Politics, and Schools3
ELC 664Introduction to Qualitative Inquiry: A Social Justice Approach3
ELC 670Leadership for Teaching and Learning3
ELC 688Contemporary Problems Seminar 1-3
ELC 700Critical Perspectives in Education, Leadership, and Culture 3
ERM 604Methods of Educational Research 3
HEA 662Gender and Health3
HEA 665Violence and Public Health3
HIS 551Gender and History: Selected Topics3
KIN 630Sport and Society: Social Inequalities3
MAS 620Human Nature and Society3

Possible Additional Courses, Depending on Plan of Study

Consult advisor for additional options.

Business Administration
MBA 701Quantitative Analysis 3
MBA 702Financial and Managerial Accounting3
MBA 703Managerial Economics3
MBA 706Marketing Management3
CST 630Communication, Organization, and Democracy3
DCE 667The Dancer's Body3
Educational Research Methodology
ERM 604Methods of Educational Research 3
HIS 502African American History: Selected Topics3
HIS/IAR 626The Practice of Public History3
HIS 713African Americans after Slavery 3
Library and Information Studies
LIS 636Website Production and Usability for Information Professionals3
Peace and Conflict Studies
PCS 600Transforming Conflict: Histories and Theories3
PCS 601Indigenous Peace Practices3
PCS 610Transitional Justice3
PHI 620Ethics and Genetics 3
Political Science
PSC 540Nonprofit Management and Leadership3
Public Health
HEA 601Foundations of Public Health3
HEA 602Epidemiology Methods3
HEA 603Community Health Analysis3
HEA 612Management of Community Health Organizations3
HEA 640Global Health Issues3
HEA 645Health Policy3
HEA 676Problems Seminar3

Accelerated B.A. to M.A. in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Application and Admission

Undergraduate students at UNC Greensboro may apply for admission to the Accelerated Master's Program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5, based on at least 30 credit hours earned at UNC Greensboro is required. Applicants must have completed at least 60 credits and may not apply for admission to the AMP before the first semester of the junior year.

All applicants must complete the Accelerated Master's Program information as part of the application for admission to the M.A. program.

Standardized entrance exams (GRE or MAT) are optional for AMP students, although they may be useful in future applications for graduate fellowships.

Applications to the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program require the following additional items: a statement of purpose; an academic writing sample; and a resume.


The M.A. degree requires 36 credit hours of graduate-level course work. AMP students may apply a maximum of 12 credits of graduate-level course work toward completion of both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees, provided that they earn a grade of B (3.0) or better in each graduate course and fulfill graduate-level requirements. No more than 9 credits at the 500 level may be counted toward the M.A. degree. Please see the University Catalog for a full description of the M.A. degree requirements.

The following courses may be counted toward both the B.A. and the M.A. degrees. All courses leading to the completion of the M.A. degree must be approved by the WGS Graduate Program Director.

WGS 650Feminist Theory: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class 3
WGS 651Feminist Research Analysis 3
Select up to two courses from the following: *6
WGS 530
African American Culture and Identity
Women's Rhetoric and Feminist Pedagogy
Gender and History: Selected Topics

In consultation with the Graduate Advisor.