Philosophical Ethics Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements

The Minor in Philosophical Ethics requires a minimum of 18 credit hours in philosophy including PHI 321 Ethical Theory and 3 additional courses from those listed below, with at least one of the three coming from each of the two categories.

  • Minimum of 18 credits
Ethical Theory
Select three additional courses, with at least one of the three coming from each of the two categories from the following:
Applied Ethics:
Contemporary Moral Problems
Medical Ethics
Ethical Issues in Business
Environmental Ethics
Advanced Topics in Biomedical Ethics
Ethical Theory:
Introduction to Ethics
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Crime and Punishment
Ethics and International Affairs
Social Philosophy

Additional Options

The courses below may also count toward the completion of three classes in Applied Ethics and Ethical Theory with the permission of both the instructor and the head of the philosophy department*. Students should be aware that permission will be granted only when the course focuses primarily on ethics.

Eligible Courses

Topics in Philosophy
Major Philosophers
Major Philosophies
Independent Study
Senior Capstone Course