Archaeology Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 15 credit hours

The Archaeology Undergraduate Minor requires completion of a minimum of 15 credits with 9 credits chosen from the Core Requirements and 3 credits chosen from each category of the Area Requirements. 

Core Requirement9
Three courses chosen from the following:
Adventures in Time-Travel through Archaeology
Methods in Archaeology
Introduction to Greek Archaeology
Introduction to Roman Archaeology
Introduction to Geographic Information Science
Area Requirements6
Old World Archaeology
Select one of the following:
Paleolithic Archaeology
The Art and Archaeology of Egypt
Archaeology of the Aegean
Ancient Cities
Topics in the Near and Middle East
New World Archaeology
Select one of the following:
Latin American Art and Archaeology
Historical Archaeology of the Modern World
Archaeology of South America
Colliding Worlds: Forming America
Archaeology of the Southeastern United States