Spanish Undergraduate Minor

Admission Requirements

Students may declare their minor at the Intermediate level of the Spanish Basic Language Program (SPA 203 and/or SPA 204).  

Progression Requirements

  • Students starting at the SPA 203 level:
    • must complete 18 credits in SPA course work (Including SPA 203). 
  • Students starting at the SPA 204 level: 
    • must complete 15 credits in SPA course work (Including SPA 204).
  • Students starting at the 300 level:
    • must complete 15 credits in SPA course work. 

Program Requirements

  • Minimum 15 credits in the minor. 
  • Minimum 12 credits at the 300 level or above in SPA course work.
  • Minimum C- grade required in all courses for the minor.
Select a minimum of 15 credits of SPA course work at or above the 204 level, excluding courses in English translation.15