Climate Justice, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

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Undergraduate degree in any field, with a demonstrable interest in social and/or environmental activism and with prerequisites necessary for advanced course work in appropriate disciplines.

Certificate Program Requirements

Required: 15 credit hours

Required Core Courses (6 credits)
GES 619Advanced Weather and Climate-Synoptic Climatology3
GES 662Sustainability3
Geography, Environment, and Sustainability Courses (3 credits)
Select one course (3 credits) from the following:3
Sustainable Regional Planning
Topics in Development and Economics
Topics in Equity and Society
Topics in Environmental Sciences
Peace and Conflict Studies Courses (6 credits)
Select two courses (6 credits) from the following: 6
Indigenous Peace Practices
Skills and Techniques of Conflict Management
Skills in Transformative Conflict
Critical Foundations of Peace and Conflict Studies
Peace and Justice in a Changing Climate
The Power of Nonviolence for Social Change
Conflict Transformation at the Food-Water Nexus
Restrtve Justice:Thry/Practice
Ecocultures and Sustainable Communities
Borders, Partitions, and Generative Othering Narratives
Peace Development and Community Building
International Human Rights Advocacy
Total Credit Hours15