Technical Theatre Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 18 credit hours
Playscript Analysis
Stagecrafts: Scenery
and Stagecrafts: Scenery Lab
Stagecrafts: Costume
and Stagecrafts: Costume Lab
Select at least 12 credits from the following:
Stagecrafts: Scenery *
Stagecrafts: Scenery Lab *
Stagecrafts: Costume *
Stagecrafts: Costume Lab *
Stagecraft: Lighting & Sound
Stagecrafts: Lighting & Sound Lab
Stagecrafts: Makeup & Wardrobe
Stagecrafts: Makeup & Wardrobe Lab
Theatre Graphics
Advanced Makeup
Scenic Automation and Technology
Scene Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Theatrical Sound Design and Technology
Advanced Stagecrafts
Scene Painting I
Stage Millinery and Accessories
Costume Pattern Drafting and Draping
Advanced Theatre Practice-Scenery
Advanced Theatre Practice-Costumes
Advanced Theatre Practice-Production

Only if the course has not been taken in the "Required" section above