Art Education (K–12), B.F.A.

B.F.A. Portfolio Review

Admittance to the B.F.A. program in Art Education, New Media and Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Drawing, or Sculpture and Ceramics is contingent upon successful review of a portfolio by a rotating committee of School of Art faculty.

Non-transfer students enrolled in the B.A. Studio Art degree program may seek entrance into the B.F.A. Studio Art degree program in the third semester of the Studio Foundation Program course sequence, and must apply before completing a total of 28 credit hours of ART, ARH, or ARE courses. Students who fail the portfolio review may re-apply once, and must do so in the following semester. Transfer students must complete the UNC Greensboro Studio Foundation Program and must apply as early as they are eligible to do so.

Students who apply to the B.F.A. program as second-degree students will be given the opportunity to appeal the initial portfolio review at the start of their application process.

Overall Requirements

  • 120 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level
  • Core studio courses for major concentrations may be closed to students who are not enrolled in a degree program full-time.

Degree Program Requirements

University Requirements
General Education Requirements - Minerva's Academic Curriculum (MAC)

Major Requirements

Requirements for Graduation and Standard Professional I Teaching Licensure K-12 for all Students Entering the Program Beginning Fall 2018

  • Complete all academic coursework outlined below.
  • Minimum 3.0 overall GPA.
  • Earn passing scores in Praxis 1: Core Academic Skills & Praxis 2: Content Knowledge
  • Complete and pass the Electronic Art Education Teaching Portfolio (EdTPA & TaskStream:
  • Successfully complete student teaching performance at an Elementary, Middle, or High School level.
  • Successfully complete and pass required evaluations including Candidate Disposition Assessment Profile (CDAP), Teacher Candidate Evaluation (TCE), and Certificate of Teaching Capacity (COTC) as implemented throughout the program.

Art History9
Select three courses in Art History above the 100 level. *
Studio Foundation28
Foundations Semester 1
Foundations Seminar
Survey of Global Art Histories 1: Prehistory to c.1000
Fundamentals of Drawing
Foundations in New Media and Design I
Three-Dimensional Foundations I
Foundations Semester 2
Survey of Global Art Histories 2: c.1000 to c.1800
Intermediate Drawing
Foundations in New Media and Design II **
Three-Dimensional Foundations II **
Foundations Semester 3
Survey of Global Art Histories 3: c.1800 to Present
Foundations in New Media and Design II (If not taken in Semester 2.) ***
Three-Dimensional Foundations II
B.F.A. Portfolio Review
See Admissions and Policies for the major.
Studio Art3
Life Drawing I
Crafts Art6
Select one of the following:
Ceramics I
and Design Methods for the Crafts
Ceramics I
and Ceramics II
Area of Emphasis9
Select 9 credits from one of the following Areas of Emphasis:
New Media and Design
Sequencing I
Typographics I
Imaging I
Interactivity I
Imaging II
Typographics III
Sequencing II
Advanced Digital Modeling
Research and Professional Practices in New Media and Design
Painting I
Life Drawing II
Variable Topics in Drawing
Painting II
Painting III
Photography I
Digital Photography I
Imaging I
Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
Photography II
Studio Lighting for Photography
Alternative Photographic Processes
Photographic Interaction
Printmaking and Drawing
Life Drawing II
Variable Topics in Drawing
Screen Printing and Monoprint
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Expanded Print Media
Advanced Drawing
Sculpture and Ceramics
Metal Casting
Metal Sculpture
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Ceramic Glaze Techniques
Ceramics III
Art Education30
Pedagogical Expertise/Art Education
Art, Education, and Social Practice
Foundations of Art Education
Art Curriculum and Teaching Methods in the Elementary School
Practicum Service-Learning
Art Curriculum and Teaching Methods in the Secondary School
Research in Contemporary Issues in Art Education
Professional Development
Student Teaching

 May not include ARH 110ARH 111, or ARH 112.


Or substitute for either ART 240 or ART 253 with ONE of the following: ARE 260ART 285, or ART 286.


Either ART 240 or ART 253 if not taken in Semester 2.

Teacher Education Requirements

Child and Adolescent Development and Learning
Teaching Multilingual Learners with Diverse Abilities
Understanding and Teaching Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

Admission Requirements for Teacher Education

During the spring semester of their sophomore year, students must apply for admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education.

  1. Online application submission
  2. Minimum Praxis I exam score of 522
  3. Medical clearance
  4. Criminal background check completed (BIB)
  5. Minimum 3.0 GPA

Admission Requirements for Student Teaching

During the spring semester of their junior year, students must apply for admission to student teaching for the following spring. The Student Teaching course is offered only in the spring semester.

  1. Application and attachments submitted to the Art Education Coordinator by February 10
  2. Minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  3. Criminal background check completed (BIB)
  4. Pass Praxis I (Core Academic Skills-Reading, Math, and Writing) and Praxis 2 (Art Content Knowledge and Analysis) 
  5. Successful studio portfolio review and admission interview
  6. Complete the Art Education courses in the Major requirements above.
  7. Evidence of skills, knowledge, dispositions, and competencies as set and evaluated by the department


Electives sufficient to complete the 120 credit hours required for the degree.

Disciplinary Honors in Art 


  • A minimum of 12 credit hours as defined below.
  • UNC Greensboro cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better or, for transfer students, cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better from all prior institutions.
Senior Honors Project
Honors Work
Honors Work
Select 3 credits of any ARE, ARH, or ART Honors course above the 100 level3
Select any 400-level ARE, ARH, or ART course3
Select any ARE, ARH, or ART Honors contract course3


Receive a Certificate of Disciplinary Honors in Art; have that accomplishment, along with the title of the Senior Honors Project, noted on the official transcript; and be recognized at a banquet held at the end of the spring semester.

Honors Advisor

Contact Heather Holian at for further information and guidance about Honors in Art. To apply: