Nursing, M.S.N.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see

The Associate Dean for Academic Programs reviews the credentials of each applicant in collaboration with faculty from each specialty area. Exceptions to the requirements can be made on the recommendation of the faculty. The Associate Dean for Academic Programs forwards the admission recommendation to the Dean of Graduate Education who makes the final decision.

Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration

Applicants to the Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration program must have or provide the following:

  • To help ensure a diverse and equitable admission process UNCG School of Nursing utilizes a "holistic admission" process that considers a number of factors for admission that may not be captured in a traditional admission process (such as prior experience as a nurse and involvement with professional and community organizations)
  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing science from a U.S. college or university accredited by an institutional accrediting association or completion of a bachelor's that is equivalent to a U.S. degree from an international college or university recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education or Commission responsible for higher education in the country where the degree is earned.
  • Current unrestricted RN license. If not NC RN, license or compact state license, applicants would need to acquire NC RN license prior to start of the program.
  • Current/updated resume/CV
  • Three professional recommendations that attest to applicant’s academic ability, readiness for graduate school, professional competency, and character with at least one reference from a healthcare provider (RN, DO, MD, NP, PA).
  • Transcripts from each institution where applicant earned (or will earn) a degree, studied for one semester or more, earned 12 or more credit hours, or took classes related to graduate study interests
  • Any applicant who has never studied at a U.S. institution must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores must not be more than two years old. The UNCG School of Nursing will consider IELTS score of 7.0 or a minimum TOEFL score of 100 (Internet-based test) with minimum sub-scores of 22 in Reading, 22 in Listening, 26 in Spelling and 24 in Writing.

Nursing Leadership and Management Concentration

Applicants to the Nursing Leadership and Management Concentration must have or provide the following:

  • Current unrestricted licensure as a registered nurse in one of the fifty states or validated credentials by CGFNS for international applicants. Residents of North Carolina must hold unrestricted North Carolina licensure as a registered nurse.
  • Baccalaureate degree in nursing from a program accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency. 
  • Minimum of one year clinical experience full time.
  • A personal statement is required for consideration of admission.
  • An interview is required for selected applicants.
  • Nonresidential international students are required to participate in a telephone interview.

Degree Program Requirements

Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration 

Required: 44 credit hours

Required Courses (42 credits)
NUR 705Research and Evidence Based Practice3
NUR 708Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing3
NUR 709Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nursing3
NUR 713Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning3
NUR 713LAdvanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning Skills Lab1
NUR 714Informatics in Healthcare3
NUR 716Management of Child Health in Primary Care4
NUR 717Management of Common Gender Specific, Adult, and Adolescent Health Conditions4
NUR 719LFamily Primary Care Practicum 3
NUR 810 Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Population Health3
NUR 811Primary Care Management of the Adult I for Advanced Practice Nursing4
NUR 811LPracticum for Primary Care Management of the Adult I for Advanced Practice Nursing3
NUR 812LPracticum for Primary Care Management of the Adult II for Advanced Practice Nursing3
NUR 817Role Transition for Advanced Nursing Practice2
Capstone (2 credits)
NUR 718Complex Problems In Family Primary Care 2
Total Credit Hours44

Nursing Leadership and Management Concentration

Required: 37 credit hours

Required Courses (33 credits)
NUR 540Financial Management in Healthcare3
NUR 601Critique and Utilization of Research in Nursing Administration2
NUR 607Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Negotiation3
NUR 609The Role of the Nurse Leader in Advanced Quality and Safety4
NUR 614Information Technology in Nursing Administration 3
NUR 620Law, Policy, and Economics of Healthcare3
NUR 641Leadership and Management Essentials in Healthcare: Theories and Roles4
NUR 644Organizational Leadership and Management4
NUR 645Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations4
NUR 715Research Methods in Nursing3
Capstone Experience (4 credits)
NUR 646Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum4
Total Credit Hours37

Required Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the program will be recommended if the student:

  • Fails to register for two consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring) in the nursing curriculum.
  • Has earned a B- or below in more than 6 credits of course work.
  • Has earned a B -or below in any nursing specialty course.
  • Has earned a failing grade in any course.
  • Has a GPA that indicates the inability to meet the 3.0 required for graduation.
  • Does not complete requirements for the degree within the time limit (5 academic years).

Accelerated B.S.N. to M.S.N. in Nursing

Application and Admission

Qualified UNC Greensboro undergraduate students who are pursuing a prelicensure B.S.N in Nursing may apply for admission to the Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Leadership and Management.

The completion of 30 credit hours and an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 at UNC Greensboro is required. Applicants must have completed at least 60 pre-health credits and may not apply for admission to the AMP before they have been admitted to the School of Nursing.

Standard application requirements for the M.S.N. in Nursing apply to the AMP.

Applicants must also submit the AMP admission form available from the School of Nursing Student Affairs Office and a written personal statement describing why the applicant is interested in the AMP program leading to the M.S.N. in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Leadership and Management. An interview with the M.S.N. faculty is required.


Admitted students may apply the following 6 credits of graduate-level course work toward completion of both the undergraduate and graduate degree, provided that they earn a grade of B (3.0) or better in the course and fulfill graduate-level requirements:

NUR 614Information Technology in Nursing Administration 3
NUR 715Research Methods in Nursing3

Please consult with your advisor to determine how the course taken at the graduate level will meet requirements in the bachelor's degree program. All degree requirements for the M.S.N. in Nursing with a concentration in Nursing Leadership and Management remain the same.