Kinesiology, Ph.D.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see the Guide to Graduate Admissions.

In addition to the application materials required by The Graduate School, applicants must submit supplementary application materials required by the department.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 60-66 credit hours

Collateral Expertise
Research projects beyond those required in courses
Research Techniques (12 credits)
Select a minimum of 12 credits from courses focused on research techniques 112
Electives (36 credits)
Select at least 36 credits of elective courses 236
Dissertation (12-18 credits)
KIN 799Dissertation 312-18
Total Credit Hours60-66

Collateral Expertise

The student is expected to work on research projects beyond those required in courses and to demonstrate to the department faculty that progress in these endeavors is satisfactory.


The Department does not recognize summer session as part of the residency requirement for Ph.D. students. Two consecutive 15-week semesters of study in which a student is enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits of course work each term is needed to satisfy the residency requirement. Course work taken in summer sessions may, of course, be included in a student’s program.

Formal Reviews and Examinations

The student must pass each of the reviews and examinations listed below. See this catalog and the Kinesiology Department graduate web site for details.

  • Plan of Study approval
  • Comprehensive Examination (written & oral)
  • Dissertation Proposal approval
  • Advancement to Candidacy
  • Final oral examination (Dissertation Defense)


Applied Neuromechanics Concentration

Concentration Core (24 credits)
KIN 702Research Seminar in Applied Neuromechanics1
KIN 709Mentored Teaching in Kinesiology1-3
KIN 719Muscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology3
KIN 729Learning and Performance of Physical Skills3
KIN 730Neural Aspects of Motor Control3
KIN 742Mechanical Analysis of Motor Skills3
KIN 795Independent Doctoral Research 1-6
KIN 798Doctoral Seminar in Grant Writing3
Concentration Electives (12 credits)
Select a minimum of 12 credits of elective courses *12
Total Credit Hours36

Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies in Physical Education Concentration

Concentration Core (18 credits)
KIN 726Development and Implementation of Fitness Programs3
KIN 731Curriculum Development in Kinesiology3
KIN 732Analysis of Teaching and Learning3
KIN 735Program Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Activity Programs3
KIN 756Psycho-Social Aspects of Teaching Physical Education and Sport3
KIN 758Multiculturalism and Physical Education Curriculum3
Concentration Electives (18 credits)
Select 18 credits of elective courses at the 600- to 700-level *18
Total Credit Hours36

Exercise Physiology Concentration

Concentration Core (9 credits)
KIN 718Cardiovascular Aspects of Exercise Physiology3
KIN 719Muscular Aspects of Exercise Physiology3
KIN 770Physiology of Exercise3
Concentration Electives (12 credits)
Select 12 credits from the following:12
Research Topics in Kinesiology
Physical Activity and Health
Exercise Electrocardiography and Cardiopulmonary Medications
Advanced Exercise Assessment
Advanced Exercise Prescription
Applied Human Work Physiology
Nutrition and Physical Performance
Additional Electives (9 credits)
Select a minimum of 9 credits of elective courses *9
Required Research Prior to Dissertation (6 credits)
KIN 795Independent Doctoral Research **6
Total Credit Hours36

Sport and Exercise Psychology Concentration

Concentration Core (9 credits)
Select 9 credits from the following: *9
Physical Activity and Health
Psychology of Sport and Exercise
Exercise Psychology
Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury
Applied Sport Psychology
Seminar: Social Psychology and Physical Activity
Practicum in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
Advanced Topics in Sport Exercise and Psychology
Independent Doctoral Research
Concentration Electives (27 credits)
Select a minimum of 27 credits of elective courses **27
Total Credit Hours36