Add-On Licensure in Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Add-On Licensure in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program offers professional preparation and training in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students to persons already possessing a NC teaching license in another area. The program will lead to NC License in Deaf and Hard of Hearing K-12.

 Admissions and Policies


  • Students must complete the endorsement program within 3 years.  Failure to do so will require the student to re-apply to the program.
  • Students are required to be enrolled from the time of matriculation through program completion. Continuous enrollment is defined as completing a minimum of three (3) hours of credit each fall and spring semester during the academic year. This course work must be approved for the student’s program of study and selected in consultation with the program director and/or advisor. State funds may not be applied to support tuition for any course that is not documented on the student’s plan of study.
  • All Add-On Licensure students in DHH must be enrolled for at least 1 credit during the semester in which they are scheduled to earn the endorsement. 


  • Initial Licensure in Education from North Carolina, including elementary education, secondary education, middle school education, content-area education (e.g. mathematics, science, social studies), special education, birth-kindergarten/early intervention.
  • Minimum of two years experience in teaching.
  • Introduction to Audiology course CSD 334.


  • Level 2 (minimum) on the American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) within 2 years of admission (if needed, ASL courses at UNC Greensboro within the SES department are recommended)
    • The ASLPI is an independently administered evaluation (Gallaudet University) and for which there is a cost.  The student MUST pass with the minimum required level of proficiency to obtain the endorsement.  The ASLPI can be taken as many times as the students wishes and/or is necessary.

Program Requirements 

  • A minimum grade of 3.0 (B) is required for all courses.  Students may repeat a course 1 time.
Language Teaching Methods with Deaf Students
Bilingual Methods for Teaching Deaf Students
Literacy Methods with Deaf Learners
Instructional Methods: Students with Hearing Loss
Select one of the following:
Structure of English & ASL
Instructional ASL for Educating Deaf Students
Select one of the following:
Spoken Language Facilitation in Deaf Children
Visual English Systems