Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, M.S./Ph.D.

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Degree Program Requirements

Required: 78 credit hours

Required Core Courses (24 credits) 1
ERM 700Validity and Validation 3
ERM 704Methods of Educational Research 3
ERM 741Evaluation of Educational Programs 3
ERM 749Foundations of Qualitative Research Methods 3
ERM 767Foundations of Educational Measurement Theory 3
ERM 768Survey Research Methods in Education 3
ERM 780Intermediate Statistical Methods in Education 3
ERM 781Design and Analysis of Educational Experiments 3
Additional Required Core (12 credits)
Select 12 credits in one of the following concentrations:12
Measurement and Quantitative Methods Concentration
Program Evaluation Concentration
Electives (30 credits)
Select 30 credits in elective courses at the 600 level or higher 230
ERM 799Dissertation 312
Total Credit Hours78

In cases where students have previously satisfied these requirements, course substitutions may be allowed with the approval of the major advisor.


Electives may come from any ERM courses not included in the required core or from non-ERM courses with the approval of the major advisor. At least 15 credits must be ERM courses.


Research that culminates in the preparation of a required doctoral dissertation.

Comprehensive Examination

Students are required to take the M.S. comprehensive exam following 24 credits of core courses and electives. Students must successfully pass the M.S. comprehensive exam and formally apply to graduate from the M.S. program by The Graduate School deadline before taking courses in the doctoral program.

The student will successfully complete a written comprehensive examination to be arranged by the doctoral advisor, usually in the semester in which course work is completed.

Measurement and Quantitative Concentration

Required Courses (12 credits)
ERM 733Second Language Assessment and Testing3
ERM 769Item Response Theory 3
ERM 782Multivariate Analysis3
ERM 785R for Education and the Social Sciences 3
Total Credit Hours12

Program Evaluation Concentration

Required Courses (12 credits)
ERM 720Evaluation and Public Policy 3
ERM 743Advanced Theory in Program Evaluation3
ERM 745Culturally Responsive Approaches to Research and Evaluation 3
ERM 752Applied Educational Evaluation 3
Total Credit Hours12