Gerontology Undergraduate Minor

Program Requirements

  •  Minimum of 12 credit hours.
    • The Gerontology minor consists of four 3-credit courses, one of which is required (GRO 201) and none of which can count as credit towards the major.
Introduction to Gerontology: Thinking about Aging
Select 9 credits from the following: *9
Biological Clocks
Communication and Aging
Intro Adult Language Disorders
Inclusive Recreation
Silver Industries
Silver Industries
Baby Boomers
Gerontology Independent Study
Human Development Across the Life Span
Adult Development
Exercise and Older Adults
Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
End-of-Life Care
Philosophy of Aging
Psychology of Aging
Religion, Ritual, and the Arts
Social Services for the Aging

Chosen from the courses listed or other courses with a focus on aging under advisement from the Gerontology Undergraduate Coordinator.  

GRO courses at the 100- and/or 200-level.

Note: Some of these courses require prerequisites or permission of the instructor, but it is possible to complete the minor without taking any of those courses.