Peace and Conflict Studies, B.A.

Overall Requirements 

  • 120 credit hours, and at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level

Degree Program Requirements

University Requirements
General Education Core Requirements (GEC)

Major Requirements

Violence in the Modern World
Foundations of Peace and Conflict Studies
Working through Interpersonal Conflicts
Conflict and Culture
Conflict Research
Conflict Transformation
Managing Conflict in Professional Contexts
Global Peacebuilding
Practicum I
Senior Seminar
Select an additional 6 credits from the following list of cognate courses:
Critical Thinking
Contemporary Moral Problems
Ethics in the Computer Age
Social and Political Philosophy
Exploring Political Issues
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Social Problems
Collective Violence and Nonviolence in Global Perspective
Introduction to Religious Studies
Religious Resistance to Political Power
Women, War, and Terror
Localizing Peace
Environmental Justice
Peacebuilding Challenges
Restrtve Justice:Thry/Practice
Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment
Gender and Peacebuilding


Electives sufficient to complete 120 total credit hours required for the degree.