Communication Sciences and Disorders (IDEALL), Ph.D.

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Prospective students will apply to the IDEALL CSD Ph.D. program through the Graduate School at UNC Greensboro. Admission procedures will follow those described in the UNCG University Catalog and practiced by the doctoral program in Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Applications to the IDEALL CSD Ph.D. program are completed online through the Graduate School website. The following materials are required for an applicant to be considered for admission to the UNCG CSD Ph.D. program:

  • University transcripts
  • GRE scores; TOEFL scores for international students
  • GPA minimum of 3.0
  • Current vita
  • Sample of writing
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Interview with the CSD Graduate Program Director for Doctoral Education and a potential faculty sponsor in the applicant’s research area of expertise

A WCU faculty representative will sit on the program admissions committee for IDEALL CSD applicants, WCU will allow visiting IDEALL CSD students to enroll in courses pertaining to their studies. UNCG will remain the students' home institution.

Deadline for application is February 1.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 63 credit hours

Plan of Study and Individual Program Planning Committee (IPPC)

Each doctoral student will have an IPPC assigned by the UNC Greensboro CSD Department Chair. Admitted students will work with their CSD faculty mentor in designing the student’s Plan of Study; the IPPC helps evaluate the student’s needs and assists in developing the Plan of Study.

IDEALL CSD students will have a UNC Greensboro faculty sponsor as chair of their IPPC, in charge of directing the dissertation and the submission of all UNC Greensboro Graduate School forms. The UNC Greensboro CSD Department will submit names of WCU faculty with Ph.D. adjunct appointments with UNC Greensboro, and the UNC Greensboro Adjunct WCU faculty can serve on an IDEALL CSD's student committee. 

The student must pass each of the reviews and examinations listed below.

CSD Courses (15 credits)
Select 15 credits from CSD courses 115
Intersecting Disciplines (12 credits)
Select 12 credits of course work in related disciplines 212
Tools Courses (21 credits) 3
Select 12 credits in statistics 412
Select 3 credits in teaching3
Select 3 credits in teaching practicum3
Select 3 credits in grant-writing3
Professional Seminars (3 credits)
CSD 751Professional Seminars in Communication Sciences and Disorders 53
Dissertation (12 credits)
CSD 799Dissertation 12
Total Credit Hours63

May be selected from CSD courses at the 600- and/or 700-level. CSD courses include CSD 760 Advanced Seminar in Communication Sciences and Disorders , CSD 780 Independent Study , and CSD 790 Directed Research.


IDEALL CSD doctoral students select a related minor area theme and take courses from one or more disciplines around that theme. Thus, not all the minor area courses will be taken in the same department. The Intersecting Disciplines are individualized for each doctoral student and will be the same requirement for WCU IDEALL CSD students. Many of our UNC Greensboro CSD students have selected courses from the Psychology, Gerontology, and Special Education Departments for their Intersecting Disciplines topic area. With the approval of the IPPC, select at least 12 credits of course work in a related discipline that is centered around a theme rather than a single area of study (i.e. aging, neuroscience, leadership, clinical supervision, etc).

The IPPC helps evaluate the student’s needs and assists in developing the Plan of Study.


Students may select tools courses from CSD courses or interdisciplinary doctoral courses taught by the UNC Greensboro School of Health and Human Sciences. The UNC Greensboro CSD department and the UNC Greensboro School of Health and Human Sciences will offer hands-on practicum courses in the areas of teaching, grant writing, clinical supervision, and academic administration.


IDEALL CSD students may take a fifth statistics course and earn a minor in statistics. 12 credits of statistics courses at WCU. These courses will then be transferred to UNC Greensboro. This requirement follows the UNC Greensboro CSD Ph.D. program requirement of 12 credits of statistics courses. The CSD Department does not have a specific statistics course sequence that all students must follow. Most of our Ph.D. students take their statistics courses through the UNC Greensboro Educational Research Methodology department.


Students will take three terms of CSD 751 to fulfill this requirement.

Reviews and Examinations

Qualifying Exams: The IPPC will prescribe the areas and elements of the exams. The exams will take place after at least three-quarters of the course work in the Plan of Study is completed and will follow the policies and guidelines as outlined in the UNC Greensboro Graduate School policies.

Dissertation: Dissertation Proposal Defense, Approval, and Advancement to Candidacy. Following completion of course work, qualifying exams, student will have an oral defense of their dissertation proposal (topic, literature review, and methods). Upon approval of their doctoral committee of their and approval of dissertation proposal, the student may make application to The Graduate School for admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree.

Final Oral Examination: Doctoral candidates will successfully pass an oral examination of their independent dissertation study to members of their doctoral committee.