Mental Health Literacy and Wellness Undergraduate Minor

The Mental Health Literacy and Wellness minor is designed to give undergraduate students foundational information about mental health, wellness, and information literacy, as well as core coping and communication skills. These will support students’ own mental wellbeing as well as help them understand how to navigate areas questions of mental health and wellness with their peers and members of their communities. Each of these pieces are core to helping them navigate some of the challenges that they may face as they transition from adolescence to adulthood, including negotiating challenges that could impact their academic success—students' ability to focus, concentrate, and retain information, for example.

Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a C or higher in the required courses.
  • Students must also maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 within the minor.
Mental Health Literacy and Wellbeing
Stress Management
Helping Skills
Love, Sex, and Relationships: Skills for Building Satisfying, Healthy Relationships
Select one course from the list below:
Creating a Meaningful Life
Introduction to Gerontology: Thinking about Aging
Human Development Across the Life Span
Families and Close Relationships
Development of School-Age Children
Infant and Child Development
Adolescent Development: From Puberty to Young Adulthood
Adult Development
Issues in Parenting
Personal Health
Mental Health and Well-Being
Lifetime Wellness
Information Use in a Digital World
Managing Conflict in Professional Contexts
Working through Interpersonal Conflicts
General Psychology
Sociology of the Family