Physical Education, Teacher Education (K-12), B.S.

Overall Requirements

  • 122 credit hours, to include at least 36 credits at or above the 300 course level.
  • All KIN courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher. 
  • In addition to the related area requirements listed below, students in this major must complete a second academic concentration consisting of 18 credits of course work in Healthful Living.

Degree Program Requirements

University Requirements
General Education Requirements - Minerva's Academic Curriculum (MAC)

Major Requirements

  • A second academic concentration in Healthful Living is required for completion of this major.
Lecture Courses33
Lifetime Wellness
Introduction to Kinesiology
Strength Training and/or Conditioning
Critical Analyses for a Physically Active Society
Assessment and Evaluation in Kinesiology
Physiology of Sport and Physical Activity
Biomechanics of Sport and Physical Activity
Instructional Methods of Physical Activity
Motor Control and Learning
Psychology of Physical Activity
Activity Courses *5
Sports Performance: Racquet Sports
Recreational Games
Select two additional courses from activity areas of the following:
Swimming for Non-Swimmers
Beginning Swimming
Rock Climbing:
Rock Climbing
Beginning Soccer
Intermediate Soccer
Tae Kwon Do:
Tae Kwon Do
Ultimate Frisbee:
Beginning Volleyball
Intermediate Volleyball
Second Academic Concentration Requirements (Healthful Living)18
Introductory Nutrition
Human Sexuality
Mental Health and Well-Being
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Lifetime Wellness
Instructional Strategies for School Health Education
Related Area and Teacher Licensure Requirements **24
Principles of Biology I
and Principles of Biology I Laboratory
Clinical Human Anatomy
and Clinical Human Anatomy Laboratory 1
Human Anatomy
and Human Anatomy Laboratory
Clinical Human Physiology
and Clinical Human Physiology Laboratory 1
Human Physiology
and Human Physiology Laboratory
Introduction to Communication Studies
Dance Appreciation
General Psychology
Human Diversity, Teaching, and Learning
Additional Concentration Requirements30
Inclusive Recreation
Observation and Analysis of Fundamental Movement
Healthful Living Pedagogy for Elementary School Teaching
Teaching Motor Skills to Preschool Children
Curriculum and Teaching: Children’s Physical Education 2
Curriculum and Teaching: Secondary School Physical Education 2
Teaching Physical Education and Health Internship 2
Student Teaching and Seminar in Physical Education 2

Four Activity courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or higher.  A maximum of two Activity courses may be taken in the same semester.  Activity courses which are sequential - e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced - may not be taken concurrently.  Once a course has been successfully completed, a student may not enroll in a lower level course for the same activity.  A maximum of two DCE courses may be substituted for Activity courses provided the DCE courses are officially listed by the university as STU courses (identified as Studio Schedule Type on the Course Schedule).


A minimum of 3 credits of anatomy and 3 credits of physiology are required.


To qualify for graduation, all majors must achieve a grade of C (2.0) or better in each required course with a KIN prefix and the following: BIO 271 & BIO 271L, BIO 277 & BIO 277L.


KIN 354, KIN 450KIN 454, KIN 460, KIN 461:

  • Requires entrance into the PHHT major.
  • Must be taken at UNC Greensboro for graduation and licensure.
  • Requires current certification in First Aid and CPR.
  • Requires Professional Liability Insurance.


Students will need to take elective hours prior to graduation. The number of electives needed varies based on course selection and any transfer credits. At least 122 credit hours are required to graduate. 

Additional Requirements

  • A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for entry (application required) into and continued enrollment in the Physical Education and Health Teacher Education (PHHT) Program. Evidence of 20 hours of working with children in a physical activity setting is also required for admittance to the PHHT program. A 3.0 GPA is also required for entry into the UNC Greensboro’s Teacher Education program (application required) and for licensure by the State of North Carolina. Passing Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators scores (fee) are also required for entry into the UNC Greensboro’s Teacher Education Program.
  • A departmental application process is required to enter the program. Prior to acceptance into the Physical Education and Health Teacher Education Program, students will be classified as pre-Kinesiology majors.
  • A background check (fee) will be required for entry into the UNC Greensboro Teacher Education program and/or prior to any practical experience in the school setting.
  • Liability Insurance (fee) will be required prior to any practical experience with children on campus or in a school setting.
  • Students are required to pay a student teaching special fee prior to their student teaching experience.
  • First Aid and CPR (fee) certification is required and must remain current for the entire student teaching experience (Student Teaching and Seminars in Physical Education).
  • To qualify for graduation in this major and licensure, all majors must complete a Taskstream Portfolio (fee).
  • To qualify for graduation in this major and licensure, all majors must attempt the Praxis II: Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge test. For additional information about the Praxis II, please see the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website at
  • Licensure application must be submitted through the UNC Greensboro Teacher Education program at the completion of the PHHT program (fee).
  • To graduate, all majors must obtain at least 36 credits in courses at the 300 level or above.
  • Students in this major who do not graduate within 7 years or who leave school and later reenter are held to the current program requirements at the time of crossing from the seventh to the 8th year, or are held to the current program requirements during the year of reentry.
  • Appeals of any of these requirements must be filed with the appropriate departmental committee within one academic year.

Disciplinary Honors in Kinesiology 


  • A minimum of 12 credit hours as defined below.
  • A grade of at least B in all course work used to satisfy the Honors requirement in Kinesiology
  • UNC Greensboro cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better or, for transfer students, cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better from all prior institutions.
Senior Honors Project
Select 9 credits of KIN Honors courses *9

6 credits of which must be at the 300-level or above. 


Receive a Certificate of Disciplinary Honors in Kinesiology; have that accomplishment, along with the title of the Senior Honors Project, noted on the official transcript; and be recognized at a banquet held at the end of the spring semester.

Honors Advisor

Contact Diane Gill (336-334-4683) at, for further information and guidance about Honors in Kinesiology. To apply: