Special Education: General Curriculum, M.Ed.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see https://grs.uncg.edu/programs/.

In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, applicants must submit a resume and a personal statement of goals, past experience, and unique skills. Applicants must submit all application materials required by The Graduate School by the appropriate deadline. Students are admitted in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 33 credit hours

Prerequisites for Students Without Initial Licensure in Special Education

SES 540Introduction to Special Education3
SES 659Behavior Management3

Required Coursework

SES 610Ecologically Based Instruction3
SES 611Universal Design for Learning3
SES 612Transition Across the Age-Span3
SES 642Reading Instruction3
SES 643Special Education Trends/Issues3
SES 645Advanced Seminar: Special Education3
SES 647Collaboration and Leadership3
SES 652Writing Instruction3
SES 656Math and Science Instruction3
SES 658Positive Behavior Supports3
ERM 604Methods of Educational Research 3
Total Credit Hours33

All department programs are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Graduate study in the Department of Specialized Education Services may lead to advanced teacher licensure with the degree of Master of Education. All students enrolled in SES programs must meet departmental technical standards. 

Additional Requirements for ALL Special Education M.Ed. Students

Portfolio (Capstone Experience)

In addition to satisfactorily completing the above coursework, students also are required to submit a portfolio of work that demonstrates their mastery of knowledge and skills in the six program competency areas: multiple service delivery models, interdisciplinary planning and service delivery, advanced skills for assessing learner needs, advanced skills for effective instruction, collaborative planning and intervention, and improved special education services. Each student’s portfolio will be developed in consultation with an advisor and will be based on the student’s particular educational and work experiences. The portfolio is designed during the initial semester, refined each semester, and evaluated during the last semester prior to planned graduation. Detailed instructions for completing the portfolio are provided on the SES website (http://www.uncg.edu/ses/gradprog/med_special_edu.html).

Reflective Essays

Prior to the completion of the program, each student is required to submit reflective essays that speak adequately to the ways in which products included in the portfolio meet program objectives and demonstrate attainment of competencies required for advanced licensure. An oral presentation related to the reflective portfolio and essays also are required. If the portfolio and presentation do not meet departmental standards, one revision is allowed. Detailed instructions for completing the reflective essays are located on the SES website (www.uncg.edu/ses/gradprog/med_special_edu.html).