Sustainable Tourism/Hosptlty (STH)

STH 102 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality 3

Overview of the products and services provided by the tourism and hospitality industries. Introduction to the roles of industry managers at all organizational levels.

STH 200 Introduction to Sustainable Development 3

Explores the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of sustainable development; introduces sustainable development concepts and challenges; prepares students for the application of these concepts in functional business topics.

STH 201 Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management 3

Students explore how stakeholders define, measure, and assign value to corporate efforts in social responsibility. Skill development in managing change and innovation, stakeholder partnerships, social media, and volunteerism.

STH 231 Tourism, Cultures, and Places 3

A study of tourism as a vehicle for increasing understanding of cultural differences and spatial interaction within and between different ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups across the world.

GE Marker: GN

STH 232 Tourism Impacts and Alternatives 3

Explores positive and negative economic, environmental, and sociocultural impacts of tourism at personal, local, regional, and international levels. Students learn how to manage impacts through alternative tourism strategies.

STH 251 Multicultural Issues in Hospitality and Tourism 3

Multicultural and global issues in hospitality and tourism. Historical, socioeconomic, cultural, and linguistic variables impacting tourism and hospitality marketing, operations, and human resources. Study of selected Western and non-Western cultures.

GE Marker: GL

STH 310 Hotel Operations 3

Exploration of hotel management from a sustainability perspective. Topics include revenue-management, forecasting, budgeting, measuring operational and employee performance, ethics, and property management technology.

Prerequisites: ACC 201.

STH 311 Sustainable Food and Beverage 3

Explores the evolution of food and beverage as a commodity; ethical issues of industrializing and globalizing foodservice systems; strategies for successfully incorporating sustainability and ecogastronomy into commercial food and beverage operations.

STH 312 Greening Hotel Facilities 3

Focuses on the how and why of matching facility design to operational goals. Students learn to communicate functional goals from an operator's viewpoint to design and engineering professionals.

STH 313 Revenue Management 3

Applies economic principles of demand and supply to sustainable hotel and resort revenue management; addressing sources of revenue, inventory control, pricing decisions, customer relationships, and strategic partnerships.

Prerequisites: ECO 201, MAT 115 or higher.

STH 320 Tourism Planning and Development 3

Geographic distribution of tourist development with an emphasis on the spatial dimension of origin-destination flows, industrial structure, demand, and supply. Tourism planning and agents of tourism development are stressed.

Notes: Same as GES 320.

STH 331 Sustainable Tourism and Transportation 3

Explores transportation networks utilized by the global tourism sector; their social, economic, and environmental dimensions, associated trends, associated negative impacts and resource usage, and opportunities for planning sustainable transportation networks.

Notes: Same as GES 331.

STH 332 Sustainable Destination Planning and Management 3

Introduction to the management of sustainable tourism destinations. Students will be exposed to the entire destination management process including basic concepts, planning, development, management, and marketing of sustainable tourism.

STH 333 Research Methods and Decision Analysis in Tourism and Hospitality 3

Explores research methods using primary and secondary data relevant to tourism and hospitality decisions. Course also looks at evaluation and application of research findings based on criteria of validity, reliability, and probability.

Prerequisites: ECO 250.

STH 338 Global Franchising 3

This course introduces the student to opportunities in franchising including becoming a franchisee or franchisor.

GE Marker: GL

Prerequisites: ACC 201 or ENT 200/FIN 200.

Notes: Same as BUS 338, ENT 338.

STH 345 Cross-Cultural Study Tour in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality 6

Cross-cultural study tour examining leadership styles, business strategies, cultural and hospitality traditions internationally; emphasis on global perspectives in sustainability and business decisions.

Prerequisites: Minimum 2.0 UNCG GPA.

Notes: May be repeated once for a total of 12 s.h.

STH 354 Restaurant Entrepreneurship 3

Students will explore the role of entrepreneurship in the hospitality and tourism industry, determine risks and rewards of self-employment, and develop business concepts based on the hospitality/tourism skill set.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

Notes: Same as ENT 354.

STH 401 Hotel and Travel Services Sales and Marketing 3

Explores marketing of tourism and hospitality services with an emphasis on matching tourism and hospitality products to visitor demand, while achieving organizational sustainability objectives.

Prerequisites: STH 332 or MKT 320.

STH 402 Responsible Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality 3

Introduces students to responsible, legal, and ethical management of human resources in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Prerequisites: STH 201. STHP major.

STH 417 Internship in Hospitality and Tourism Management 12

This internship enables STHP students to gain valuable work experience within the hospitality industry. 480 supervised clock hours required for completion of this 12-credit course.

Prerequisites: STHP major.

STH 433 Business Tourism 3

This course explores business tourism with a particular focus on travel involving Meetings, Incentives, Conventions/Conferences, and Exhibits (MICE). It prepares students to plan and execute MICE tourism.

STH 445 Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Planning 6

Theory and practical applications of tourism planning, which includes market analysis, infrastructure proposal and development, and implementation strategies. International travel required.

Prerequisites: Minimum 2.0 GPA.

Notes: May be repeated once for credit.

STH 451 Service Management 3

Integration of service systems management, human behavior, and marketing in the creation, delivery, and assurance of service quality and customer satisfaction.

Notes: Same as CTR 451, ENT 451.

STH 459 Independent Study in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality 1-3

Independent research experience conducted by individual students under the supervision of a selected program faculty member.

Prerequisites: STHP major and department approval.

Notes: May be repeated once for a total of 6 s.h.

STH 473 Wine Appreciation for the Hospitality Professional 3

Introduction to the critical pairing of wine and food in hospitality venues. Topics include history, geography, economics, health, and legal issues associated with wine.

Notes: Must be 21 years old or older.

STH 491 Tourism and Hospitality Strategic Management 3

A capstone case course where students utilize the integration of knowledge and skills, acquired throughout their course work, through the strategic management process to address issues facing tourism and hospitality organizations.

Prerequisites: STHP major. Senior standing.