Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies, Ph.D.

For information regarding deadlines and requirements for admission, please see

In addition to the application materials required by the Graduate School, applicants must submit a current resume and a one to two-page goals statement.

The goals statements should clearly:

  • Outline career goals, relevant work experience, and reason for pursuing a graduate degree;
  • Address why the Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies program is of interest; and
  • Include specific areas of research interest related to the department’s graduate program emphasis.

Of the three letters of reference, one should be written by a former instructor or academic contact.

Degree Program Requirements

Required: 60 credit hours minimum (90 credits minimum beyond the bachelor's degree)

Required Core Courses (21 credits)
CRS 682Graduate Seminar in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
CRS 701Literature and Thought in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
CRS 712Theory Development in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
CRS 713Qualitative Methodology in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
CRS 714Advanced Quantitative Methods in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
CRS 721Consumer Behavior in Apparel and Retailing 3
RCS 662Behavior-Soft Lines Consumers3
Research Techniques (9 credits)
ERM 780Intermediate Statistical Methods in Education 3
ERM 781Design and Analysis of Educational Experiments 3
ERM 782Multivariate Analysis3
Cognate Area (9 credits)
Select 9 credits of cognate courses 19
Teaching (3 credits)
CRS 765College Teaching Practicum in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies 3
Electives (3 credits)
Select 3 credits from available 600-and 700-level CRS courses 23
Research and Dissertation (15 credits)
Select 15 credits from the following:15
Independent Doctoral Research
Dissertation 3
Total Credit Hours60

In consultation with the student's chair and Advisory/Dissertation Committee, the student will identify a supporting area that will enrich and expand their research interest. The student will take a minimum of 9 credits within this area.


 As approved by the student's chair in consultation with the Advisory/Dissertation Committee.


A minimum of 12 dissertation credits (CRS 799) are required.

Required Milestones*

  • Residency (Immersion)
  • Research Competency
  • Plan of Study
  • Comprehensive Exam (Written & Oral)
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Admission to Candidacy
  • Dissertation Defense
  • Filing the Final Approved Dissertation

General information about milestones for doctoral programs is available in Section III of the Graduate Policies page in the University Catalog. For information about how milestones are accomplished for a specific program, please refer to the doctoral program's handbook.