Forced Migration and Resettlement Studies Undergraduate Minor

There are nearly 80 million forcibly displaced individuals in the world, a staggering figure which does not include all of the many millions forced from their homes for reasons other than conflict and persecution. At UNCG, we are uniquely located to understand and explore these experiences. Greensboro is a refugee and immigrant resettlement hub: 13% of our population is foreign born (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018) and over 150 languages are spoken here. Additionally, Greensboro’s history of refugee and im/migrant resettlement has precipitated the creation of a vast infrastructure of refugee and im/migrant support networks, service providers, and organizations. In this minor, students will learn about the reasons for and experiences of forced migration and resettlement. Students will also engage with forcibly displaced individuals in our local community. Additionally, because of the presence of the Center for New North Carolinians on campus, students will take a practicum that will allow them to immerse themselves in refugee/migrant/asylum seeker support history, networks, and service-providers as well as engage in the work of promoting access and integration for refugees through community engaged learning, service, and research.

Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 15 credit hours
Conflict and Culture
Forced Migration Minor Seminar
Select 9 credits from the list below: *9
Recreation Services with Underrepresented Groups
Global Health
Immigrant and Refugee Health
Race, Class and Health Equity: Examining Systems, Power and Institutions in Society
Environmental Justice
Environmental Justice
Global Peacebuilding
Restrtve Justice:Thry/Practice
Human Services for Immigrants and Refugees

No more than 3 credits of Independent Study with a focus on refugee and immigrant populations with approval from minor faculty lead.