Rhetoric and Public Advocacy Undergraduate Minor

The courses listed below satisfy the College Reasoning and Discourse (CRD) requirement and do not, therefore, count as part of the credit hours for an English minor.

Rhetoric and Public Advocacy minors have wide choice among courses offered in fulfilling the minimum of 18 credits. They are urged, however, to report to the Director of Undergraduate Studies as early as possible for help in planning a program.

Program Requirements

  • 18 credit hours with a minimum of 9 credits at the 300 level.
Public Advocacy and Argument
Select one of the following
History and Theory of Rhetoric
Contemporary Rhetoric
Digital Rhetoric
Select two of the following
Journalism I: Fundamentals of Newswriting
Writing Opinion Essays
Writing for the Workplace and Public Audiences
Language and Society
The Rhetoric of Social Movements
History and Theory of Rhetoric
Contemporary Rhetoric
Digital Rhetoric
Writing for Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Topics in Rhetoric and Composition
Writing Across the University
Studies in Writing Center Theory and Practice *
Contemporary Publishing in America
Internship in Journalism and Editing
Internship in English Studies
Entrepreneurship and Independent Press Publishing
Literacy, Learning, and Fieldwork
Select one of the following Related Area Electives
Communicating Ethically
Organizational Communication
Persuasion and Social Influence
Conflict Communication
Communication and Public Relations: Strategies and Innovations
Environmental Communication
Reclaiming Democracy: Dialogue, Decision-Making, Community Action
Special Topics in Communication Research **
Speaking Out for Community Change
Select one of the following 1
Postcolonial Literatures
Studies in Human Rights and Literature
Women in Literature
Early African American Writers
Topics in Native American and Indigenous Studies
African American Writers after the 1920s
American Women's Writing
Literature and the Environment
Topics in Queer Studies
Feminist Theory and Women Writers