Admission to Graduate Study

Each application to The Graduate School will result in one admission decision. Applicants are notified of offers of admission by email and formal letter from The Graduate School. Successful applicants are offered full graduate admission or provisional admission for a specific program in a specific term. If the admitted applicant does not register for the term specified in the admission letter, the admission may be subject to subsequent review.

Students may not be admitted to and graduate from the same degree program in the same academic term. However, students who are in academic good standing in a degree seeking program may be admitted to and graduate from a concurrent certificate program in the same academic term.

Full Graduate Admission

All applicants must have met the following minimum requirements:

  1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or appropriately-evaluated credentials for non-U.S. schools.
  2. Satisfactory academic standing as an undergraduate or in a post-baccalaureate program.
  3. Approval of the academic department in which the graduate student will major.
  4. If required, satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or other authorized examination as required by the respective graduate degree programs.

Departments requirements may be more specific. Please consult the department/program website or handbook.

Provisional Admission

Promising applicants who hold a baccalaureate degree but do not meet the formal requirements listed above may be granted provisional admission. Full graduate standing is granted when these students satisfactorily complete prescribed courses or otherwise remove deficiencies. They must meet any special conditions attached to their admission, by either The Graduate School or their major department, no later than upon the completion of 15 semester hours of graduate credit.

 Among provisionally admitted applicants may be the following: 

  1. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from a non-accredited institution. 
  2. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution who lack undergraduate work considered essential for graduate study.
  3. Applicants whose scholastic records are below admission standards but who show promise for success. Other components of the application beyond the GPA or the required exam score may carry significant weight for provisional admission.

A graduate student admitted provisionally is not eligible for appointment to an assistantship or fellowship until full graduate standing is achieved. Provisionally admitted students will have specifically stated conditions that must be met to progress in the program. Provisionally admitted students who are dismissed for failing to meet the provisions of their admission will be eligible to submit a new application to The Graduate School after two semesters or the equivalent and may be admitted only upon the recommendation of the major department Head or Director of Graduate Study and with the approval of the Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School. While on academic dismissal, students are not eligible to take courses through the VISIONS program.

Deferral of Admission

Graduate admission to a degree or certificate program may be deferred for a maximum of one year from the initial term of admission. The student is responsible for contacting the department to determine if admission for subsequent terms is allowed.

To request a deferral of admission, admitted students must submit a completed Deferral of Admission Form provided by the admitting department’s Director of Graduate Study no later than the first day of classes of the term of initial admission. The deferral request must be for a specific term and may not exceed one year from the original term of admission. After considering the request, the department will forward the form to The Graduate School for processing and The Graduate School will notify the student of the decision. Merit-based financial aid (teaching/research assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships) will not be deferred and the student must compete again for the awards for the term of deferral (if approved).

Students who have not enrolled after one year and have not requested a deferral of admission will be required to reapply. 

Military-affiliated students should contact The Graduate School at 336-334-5596 for individual assistance with extended deferrals.