Information and Research Skills Competencies

In addition to basic technology skills, information literacy, which is the acquisition of information skills and research competencies, is an important Learning Goal of the General Education Program. Familiarity with information resources is essential in acquiring such skills, and these skills should be integrated into the academic curriculum. To assist students in gaining these skills, UNC Greenbsoro’s university libraries offers two levels of information literacy instruction to undergraduates:

  1. First-Year Undergraduates—students achieve orientation to research skills by completing the Library’s Web tutorial and/or attending an instructional session, led by a librarian, that is integrated into one of their courses.
  2. Upper Division Undergraduates—students who have not achieved the objectives of library instruction for first-year students may use the Library’s Web tutorials designed for this purpose. In addition, more advanced skills may be gained through sessions that relate directly to course assignments and are arranged by teaching faculty for specific classes. Librarians tailor instruction to specific disciplines and assignments and also meet with students to offer individual assistance.

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