Post-Baccalaureate and Post-Master's Certificates

A student may apply coursework from a certificate program toward a graduate degree at UNCG with the approval of the department offering the degree and The Graduate School.

Summary of Requirements for Certificates

  • Satisfaction of all requirements for admission.
  • A plan of study must be submitted to The Graduate School when a student in a certificate program applies for graduation. 
  • Satisfactory completion of all course requirements.
  • Certificate students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all certificate coursework and achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 to graduate.
  • Only three semester hours with a grade of C+ (2.3) or C (2.0) will count towards a certificate.
  • With the exception of internship, practicum, independent projects or clinical work, all courses for a certificate will be letter graded.

Semester Hours Required for Certificates

In general, certificate programs should be between 12-18 semester hours at the 500-level or above with at least half of this course work at the 600-level or above.

Plan of Study for Certificates

The course work comprising the certificate program must be an integrated and organized sequence of study.

Time Limits for Certificates

Certificates awarded from UNCG indicate that our students have current, usable knowledge in their field; therefore, the certificate curriculum, including the capstone, must be completed within five academic years, from the date the first courses carrying graduate credit applicable to the student’s program are begun. However, if study for the program extends beyond three years, the student may need to meet new requirements.

Independent Study for Certificates

No more than 3 semester hours of independent study may be applied to the minimum number of semester hours required for completion of the graduate certificate program. (See additional requirements above in order to pursue Independent Study.)

Transfer Credit for Certificates

A maximum of three semester hours of transfer credit will be accepted toward a certificate. 
(See Graduate Transfer Credit for more information)