The Graduate School

Message from the Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School

Welcome to the University Catalog of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The catalog serves as the student’s contract with the University and provides guidance relating to policies, procedures, and deadlines regarding graduate study. It also provides descriptions of our graduate certificates, master’s degrees, and doctoral degree programs. Included are course descriptions, degree requirements, and other regulations. The catalog is provided in an electronic format that allows students and advisors to use key words to quickly and easily search and find the exact sections that pertain to questions at hand.

UNC Greensboro has a graduate enrollment of over 3,600 students. The University has grown over the years and there are now more than 55 certificate, 60 masters, and 30 doctoral programs available to students. In addition to being directly admitted into our degree programs, some students prefer to experience graduate education by taking courses as non-degree students. Other students begin their studies in certificate programs and later work to complete a master’s degree.

The University is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a doctoral granting institution with higher research activity. UNC Greensboro is also among a small group of universities that has earned the community engagement classification. The combination of these two designations is unique and affords students the benefits of research, outstanding faculty, and engagement with the community. Faculty bring the results of their research and community work into the classroom to make their teaching relevant to today’s problems. This multi-dimensional approach results in quality teaching that is supported through discovery of new knowledge and cooperative work with the community.

Please view the University Catalog as one of many resources available to you. If you have unanswered questions or want to explore further, please do not hesitate to visit The Graduate School or call our office at (336) 334-5596.

Kelly J. Burke, DMA
Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School

Mission Statement

The Graduate School at UNC Greensboro promotes excellence in graduate education through leadership and service within the University and greater community. Leadership is provided through the initiation of dialogue regarding issues and trends in higher education; the development of innovative and timely graduate programs; support for improvement of existing, viable programs; the endorsement of policies and practices contributing to high quality education endeavors; and proactive advocacy for graduate faculty and students. Service is provided through recruitment and enrollment of well qualified students; professional, accurate, and timely response to requests and concerns; the maintenance of processes and procedures that are efficient and consistent with academic policies; and responsible use of resources. The Graduate School is committed to building collegial and mutually supportive relationships with all constituencies to create learning environments that contribute to outstanding achievement in learning, discovery, scholarship, and service. 

About The Graduate School

The Graduate School at UNC Greensboro is responsible for the welfare of all the graduate programs on campus and more graduate students from more than 30 states and a comparable number of foreign countries.

The University is organized into seven disciplinary units: the College of Arts and Sciences; the College of Visual and Performing Arts; the Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics; the School of Education; the School of Health and Human Sciences; the School of Nursing; and the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, with North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. The Graduate School has general supervision of graduate study throughout the colleges and schools.

The Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School is the chief administrative officer of The Graduate School, taking general responsibility for the development, improvement, and administration of all graduate study at the University. The Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School serves as admissions officer and administers services to graduate students and programs. All matters of policy, procedures, and graduate curriculum are developed, approved, and implemented in consultation with programs and the Graduate Studies Committee.